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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Our Story - Baxter and me.

I don't often post about other stuff, it's all craft really but I decided to post this. I'm extremely proud to share this. The home I adopted Baxter from is launching an appeal to try and get more of their long-stay animals adopted and they asked me if they could use mine and Baxter's story to promote this.

Of course I agreed and you can see our page here - 

I would love it if you could go and read it and let me know what you think. If you could also share the link on your own social media that would also be amazing.

Anyone who knows me knows how much love and companionship Baxter brings me. How he has enriched our lives and how together we work to overcome his issues and help him grow in confidence.

This is Baxter during his stay at the home.

Baxter getting used to his car seat cushion in my craft room

This is one of my favourite photos of Baxter. 

If our story can inspire just 1 person to adopt a long-stay animal then it'll be worth it. It just shows what a bit of time, effort, determination and love can do.

Take care Zo xx

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