When you make a conscious choice to be happy, no one can take it away from you because no one gave it to you: you gave it to yourself.

A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Wednesday 8 November 2017


Well go me! 
I go months with no WOYWW posting and then I go and post 2 weeks on the trot. Well I hope my fellow desk dashers are pleased to see me as I am delighted to be back.

So I took these earlier today. 

Christmas card making. I confess most of my cards this year will be shop bought or digitally designed and posted onto people's Facebook or email. But for close family and best friends I am making.

Inspired by this gorgeous paper pad I bought when I went to the new Hobbycraft store in Bath.
So you can see the pile of already made base cards awaiting their sentiments and seals. Washi tape and tools. And a finished card. Can you spot what is wrong with it?

I am waiting on some more gold sealing wax being delivered today hopefully. Not sure you can tell but it is the Hogwarts seal I am using!

I am also the proud owner of a new WOYWW badge that is standing on my Ottlite base. Julia kindly sent me one when she also kindly sent me a fabulous horse and jockey stamp.
So that's me this week. I will pop by at some point so have that kettle on ready for coffee! 

Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 1 November 2017


I can't believe I am saying this but this is my first WOYWW of the year - please bear with me and apologies for long post!

Those of you who know me and are following on other social media will know my life has changed alot this year. I still craft occasionally, but have lost my mojo big time. This has been hampered by inability to sit/stand at my desk for too long and my creativity concentration is poor.

I am also supporting one of my dearest friends who has suffered greatly this year with her Depression and Anxiety. I've needed my strength to be there for her, help her by driving her to appointments and spending time with her when she's needed me.

The biggest change in my life happened just over six months ago. You all know I am a massive Bristol Rovers fan - well earlier this year in conjunction with the Supporters club, they held a meeting for disabled supporters with a view to starting an Official Bristol Rovers Disabled Supporters Association.

I went to this meeting and came home having agreed, along with another gentleman, to set up and run the DSA.
I am officially Zoe Kirkby - Secretary BRFC DSA
Yep. That. Is. Massive. Secretary doesn't really cover it. I am more like a DLO - Disability Liaison Officer/Secretary!

So over the last six months we have worked hard to set up the DSA. Not an easy task. You see there wasn't anything in place. I had to set up email/Paypal, work out procedures and daily admin. Sort a bank account. Create membership. Sort a website. Liaise with Bristol Rovers and all other football clubs who visit Rovers. 
Myself and Clive (the other chap who has taken on role as Chair) have met up a number of times to plan, prepare and get things running.
Which led to us holding our first open meeting in September.

I am loving my role and am passionate about what I am doing. We've already made a difference - asking the club to put in place shelters over wheelchair areas, more accessible toilets and also how away fans are greeted. We are working with the club to ensure matchdays are enjoyable for all. There's still so much to do. But slowly we will get there.

So my desk - well I thought I would share photos from my recent meetings because that's what my desk looks like these days!
So first pics are from Yeovil Town FC. I attended a meeting that saw all clubs in the South West and South Wales being invited. Over 30 delegates attended.
 Couldn't resist having a pic with Yeovil Town Manager Darren Way!
These are our view across Huish Park - Yeovil's ground.

I've been issued a Staff Pass which grants me general access around The Memorial Stadium - so I can go anywhere in our stadium including the away end which allows me to go and meet and greet the disabled away fans. (Yes I know my name is spelt wrong)
 I am meeting lots of people in my role and last Friday I was invited to meet the new Commercial Director at Rovers to chat over coffee! Tom Gorringe is a fantastic guy who is very supportive of what we are trying to do.

 In between everything I am resting up as this takes a huge effort on my part. But I wouldn't change it. I feel my confidence and self esteem have both positively increased. I feel confident I can go into any meeting or event and be able to hold my own. In fact, I have been asked to speak at a meeting at the end of the month. It's a networking meeting for businesses owned by Rovers supporters.

Of course, in between all of this I see my boy, Keagan. He has finally passed his driving test so can come home by himself. However he has a horse now that he is training ahead of the new Point to Point season starting so I only see him once every 2 -3 weeks. 

Right that's me. Will pop round to see you all over the next few days.
Take care Zoe xx

Monday 2 January 2017

Hello 2017 - plans, positives & products!

Happy New Year everyone.

2016 was full of health problems, new conditions & a scare that thankfully turned out to be ok.

Now I'm fully aware of what is causing my problems & how to manage everything I'm feeling really positive about 2017.

2017 is going to be about what I can do. 

I've already registered a place on the waiting list to do the wheelchair climb of the O2 arena!

I also want to lose weight. 

I wanted to find something that I could focus on, reward myself along the way so I've bought a Motivacelet.

It's a bracelet that you add beads to as you lose those pounds. The more you lose the prettier your bracelet. A real positive way to stay determined. I've bought enough beads to match what I want to lose.
Of course it's a pretty blue!
There's a bigger bead for half a stone and a pretty heart for that whole stone!
This will be a journey for me - no quick fixes - just me eating better & looking after myself properly.
We had a lovely Christmas. Keagan even managed to get home for a few hours. He had to work first thing Christmas morning. My dad went down for when he finished to bring him home & then my parents took him back at 8pm as he had to work again Boxing day. The joys of working in professional sport!
Me and my boy on Christmas day.
Those of you who pop in here regularly will have seen my beauty posts. I've always loved make up but becoming a mum at 23 meant make up was a luxury and I only bought cheap and cheerful products. It's only been recently that I've treated myself to some decent quality items & actually watched videos to learn how to apply it properly. 
So for Christmas I asked for some Morphe brushes - a well respected brand used by professionals. This set was perfect for me - it is blue!
 A beautiful set of 10 brushes. This set was expensive so it has been on my wish list for a while. I also received another item from my wish list - Morphe brushes eyeshadow palette 35K.
Now onto Creative Together - myself and Lisa have updated our website to allow us greater function. We can now offer discount codes when we choose to do a promotion, the ordering system is easier & we can now have a far greater quantity of products & photographs.
I'm already working on new items myself - developing the football notebooks to include other teams and not just Bristol Rovers.
 Yes - it is red! Had to talk myself into doing this. It doesn't come easy to me you see.
Anyway just wanted to pop in to say I am here, I'm still going to use this blog for everything I love. 
Here's to a creative, productive and happy 2017!
Take care Zo xx