When you make a conscious choice to be happy, no one can take it away from you because no one gave it to you: you gave it to yourself.

A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Thursday 19 February 2015

My vibrant new hair!

Good morning all. Thought I'd pop on today to share my new hair pics with you. Those who know me well will know I rarely have a normal hair colour. It's always had an edge. Whether it's the cut or colour but I reckon I've pushed it to the far limits this time. My choice had my dad banishing me from the family home until it toned down!!! (No fear the banishment was soon lifted when I helped him with him Tablet & email!)

Before pictures.

You can see it's darker but with a lighter front/fringe.

So yesterday I went to my favourite local salon where Emily & Rhianna worked all afternoon. First Emily professionally cleansed my hair, removing the previous dye. Stripping it back to a soft copper/ginger. 

Then Rhianna applied red dye, plus some foils with a darker tone to create a soft veil down my longer side. Once that was done, she cut my hair back into the asymmetric style I love.

The result is brilliant. I'm now have vibrant bold red hair. It's a shame as it will fade quickly. Just happens once hair has been cleansed. But I can put another red on top as soon as it becomes too light for me. I will no longer have to dye my roots a darker colour (my natural hair has always been lighter than the dark reds, plus there's some grey.). If I didn't do that I'd have bright red roots with darker ends!!

Here's the finish!

Sorry I've no make up on! You can just make out that there is a slightly darker section across the front and down the long bit. It shows more in real life than in pics.

Here's a before and after comparison.  
So much lighter, brighter and bold. I've had great comments with everyone saying it suits me and my bubbly personality!

Hope you enjoyed my little hair share!
Take care Zo xx

Monday 16 February 2015

Use a sentiment!

Hello everyone now this is a rare thing for me. I made a DT make and joined in with

I've been on the DT since the start but now I'm more of a background member but I'm hoping to join in more this year. So my DT make - 

It's an easel card I made for my niece who turned 13 last week. I used a sentiment to act as the stopper. The image is Some Odd Girl coloured with my Copics. The stippled background is done with Graph It markers.

Most of use a sentiment on our cards and makes so why not join in? Pop over to 
Crafty Boots blog to do so.

Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 11 February 2015


Is it me or have the weeks rolled into one somehow? I apologise for my absence here, the days have tripped me up. Seriously. How do they do that?! 

Anyway thought I'd pop in and share my desk, pop over to Julia's head desk to see what's going on. 

My desk has altered a bit so I thought I'd share. I'm still up to my neck in notebooks and colouring for the long order list I have for Bristol Rovers style ones I'm decorating for my fundraising.

I must make a special thank you to all of you who have been buying items from LLJ (and Jan herself of course!) or supporting me in other ways. It means a lot to me. If you don't know have a peek at my page to find out Zoe's fundraising

Okay my desk
Bit's and bobs plus my niece's card drying.

It's an easel card, she will be 13 so I've gone for an elegant grown up card. 

So the window side, all the pens are there as is my just-delivered-freshly-opened parcel containing the latest thelwell collection. It's all cartoon horses and my family love horses so I thought it would be perfect!

Now for some coffee, more colouring and having a peek at that cd. I will get back to you all this week I promise. I know I've been rubbish with that, but all this colouring is zapping my concentration.

Hope you are all well.
Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 4 February 2015


Good morning desk dashers!

I'm here early today (well early for me) as my car has gone in for service. So I had to be up and about, thankfully my legs are working today. 

Hope you've popped over to Julia's WOYWW to link up or just to see what this is about. So my desk -


Yep I'm still working my way through my notebook order list, I hate leaving the pens out but it's easier when I need the same ones all the time. 

Now I'd like to shout out and thank the lovely Lunch Lady Jan, who has so far raised £55 for my fundraising. I can't thank Jan and all of you who have bought items enough for supporting me. 

Just raising awareness of the charity means so much but to raise some serious money that will help the charity continue to do their work really does mean an awful lot to me.
Thank you!

Take care Zo xx