When you make a conscious choice to be happy, no one can take it away from you because no one gave it to you: you gave it to yourself.

A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Wednesday 30 July 2014

WOYWW 269 - keep going till the end to see me in a dress!


Well today the desk dashers meet over at The Stamping Ground to catch up with Julia before nosing their way around the world to see desks/spaces/floors. You name it. It's where we work/play/create. Friends are made and inspiration strikes. It's why I love it!

So mine - 
Across the room shot.

Pens and Paris. I was bought this Paris album so dug out my photos from my trip there to put into it. It has a little note section next to each photo so I can write. Perfect!

Sun streaming in, too bright to pull up the blind yet.

My new purchase. Couldn't resist this little beauty £20 from local vintage shop. And it works!

Now as promised - the posh dressed bit. We went to my friend's wedding this weekend just gone, we made it our holiday and stayed Fri-Sun. Only 45 mins away but being by the sea and eating fish and chips made it real.

Keagan looking so grown up it's scary!

Me and Rosie, the beautiful bride, you can see the lake behind. Such a perfect location.

Me and my boy. Me in a dress. Yep I can do lady-like sometimes.

Okay that's me, coffee now then I will be back later and I'm determined to visit as many of you as possible.
Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 23 July 2014

WOYWW 268 - invites & nails!

Okay so those of you who pop by often will know I've been making wedding invites for my brother and his bride-to-be, well I can finally share them with you as the bride-to-be has given me the go ahead to share! Woohoo.

So pop over to Julia's Stamping ground to see everyone's spaces and to join in - 

Right my desk, okay it's bare, but that didn't deter me from joining in cos I have those invites to show and some nails.

So the front of the invite, embossed with an Anna Griffin embossing folder, the plaque on the front is from Stampin'Up. The saying means a lot to the couple in fact they have it tattooed on themselves! As you can see the front flap is triangular which opens to reveal......

........the main invite and a pocket! The pocket is all embossed to match the front and holds the RSVP, an information sheet with times, info about the day and the hotel website. There's also a poem which is about the gift list or lack of. 

Now we decided to be a little quirky and stamp this man and lady onto the back of the invite. I also made all the envelopes as the invite isn't a standard size.

So what do you think? I have heard some feedback from the first lot and everyone seems to love them and have remarked on them. Jen is telling everyone that Danny's sister made them!!

Now as my desk is bare I thought I'd share my nails that I had done this morning. I have a wedding this weekend so wanted them pretty.

Right that's me, will pop by this evening or tomorrow, got to sort our stuff for the weekend and rest at the same time!!
Take care Zo xx

Thursday 17 July 2014

I Guest Designed.....

I recently won a challenge at Digital Delights and as winner I was offered to Guest Design for the blog. Of course I said yes. I got a bit mixed up with time differences but anyway here's the link to the actual post - 

I won this gorgeous Flower Power Daisy image which I used to make my project for the blog, it's also a birthday card for my friend's little girl.

Here's the card - 

I embossed the background with the daisy embossing folder I have. The image is coloured with my markers and I added ribbon and buttons. I stamped the letters on to Candi to spell out Bethany's name. 
This fabulous image was a joy to colour, there are many gorgeous images over on Digital Delights.  So check it out. 

I was honoured to Guest Design, hope you all like my project.
Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 9 July 2014


It's Wednesday and that means you need to be popping over to Julia's Stamping ground to find out about the desk dashing that most of us aspire to do weekly.

Right I'm very excited because my beautiful writing bureau is in my craft room and I am using it. I love it. Here's the photos of my room with it in now - 

So here it is in-situ.

I stood behind the door to take this. The desk that had the laptop on now has the printer on it. The laptop sits on the bureau when in use but I shut it down and put it on the printer so that I can shut the bureau each night or when I want to write or do something other than use puter!

My pen desk - yes that tower of pen storage is higher. I bought some new colours and wanted to keep the storage in colour sections.

Window side empty-ish! There are Christmas related toppers in the window. I plan on making up the odd card in between doing stuff.

So that's me - I'm going to try to get to more of you than I have of late. I have a plan! Lol Right coffee time. See you soon. Oh by the way I see I'm nearly at 200 followers. I will be doing a giveaway once I hit 200 so would love you to follow me if you don't already. (Sorry for the self promoting!)

Take care Zo xx

Monday 7 July 2014

Mixing it up!

Happy Monday!

Thought I'd pop on and share a couple of cards I've recently made with images I coloured as colouring practise and also I thought I'd share a couple of photos of Keagan taking part in a Race Ride display as part of an Open day at the stables where he rides. Wellow Trekking Centre. Keagan wants to be a jockey and will go to Racing college once he leaves school. He has already had a number of race lessons and can confident ride standing up all day long! 

So this first card I coloured to enter a challenge on the Kit and Clowder Facebook page. She's called Floral Kiss. I forget the company. I decided to colour her in a different style, overdoing her makeup much like a carnival character.

The next card is made with a La La Land character which I coloured to practise colouring the hair as part of the Skin/Hair class from Kit and Clowder. 

And finally those photos of Keagan. He rode Rocky who was wearing a proper race saddle, Rocky is a 16h ex racing horse. Keagan did so well. He had only ridden Rocky once before, Friday, to practise for Sunday! 

In full action here - flying around the school in canter.

This was before, I think this photo shows off what a magnificent horse Rocky is!

Hope you like my mixed up post! 
Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 2 July 2014


Morning Desk Dashers!

It's that time again when we all meet at Julia's place, The Stamping Ground, to chat, share desks/spaces and generally have a nose at what everyone's doing. Must apologise for my lack of commenting last week, I had lots of blogger issues - couldn't comment or even see some blogs. Or it didn't want to let me see my list. Or kept booting me out! Not sure why? But all seems ok for now!

Anyhoo today I'm going to share my desk-to-be (well one of my desks!). On Monday I saw this on FB in one of those sell/swap type groups and I jumped straight in to get it. The lady who was selling it lived locally so a quick call to my parents to meet me there with their larger car and arm power was all that was needed along with the mere £35 that she was asking to purchase.........

..........................this beautiful writing bureau!

Now I have no idea if it's a reproduction or real but it is beautifully made throughout with proper wood. The drawers bases are thick wood, none of this flimsy board you get with flat pack and the joins are old fashioned ones!!! It has marks and scratches but it adds to its character. It is quite small and is classed as a ladies bureau but then, being small means it's perfect for me!! 

I was so excited by this interior - all those nooks and crannies, oh and the hidden spaces of which there are six! I had fun finding them.

Here's the obvious one! 

I took this when the sun was on it (don't worry it will be out of the sun in my craft room!) such a lovely colour. My dad thinks it's Rosewood? Anyone know? If anyone can have a good guess at era/wood anything I'd be grateful. I've had a look online and seen similar which suggested it's Georgian design. Anyone know how to tell if it's real or reproduction?! There are newer brackets and hinge pieces but could've been replaced. I have no idea and to be honest it won't hamper my love and use of it if I didn't find out, but this curious brain of mine wouldn't mind knowing!!! 

I spent last night sorting my craft room and getting Keagan to move stuff! Here's where it will go - 

What was the desk with my laptop has moved to the right and now has the printer on. The little cube trolley that the printer was on is now under the window desk. I will use my laptop on the bureau as well as using it for writing and sorting stuff! Will take a pic for you all with it in-situ once my lovely dad and brother have carried it upstairs for me!! 

Take care Zo xx