When you make a conscious choice to be happy, no one can take it away from you because no one gave it to you: you gave it to yourself.

A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Monday 29 April 2013

Stamping for Crafty Boots

It's time again for a new challenge over at Crafty Boots challenge blog and the theme is -

Use a stamped image

The Crafty Boots on-line store has many stamp ranges and lots of fab characters, but as those of you who follow me regularly know, I love Saturated Canary images so it's no surprise that I chose to use the fab Walkie to decorate a Smash page - 

Sometimes my pages are simple, but relate to a theme that means something to me, this is no different. I love to chat, whether on the phone or in person, indeed my friend's husband finds it astonishing that we can chat away for at least an hour no problems!

The page is in my pink smash book, I've not altered it much apart from layering the image on to a doily and then added the wooden stars and felt butterfly. The letters are chipboard from my stash. Very simple but an effective page which makes me smile! 

Looking forward to seeing your entries!
Take care Zo xx

Sunday 28 April 2013

Baxter's first week

Afternoon everyone, hope you are all enjoying your weekend?!

Thought I'd pop by and share a few photos from Baxter's first week home with me. Can you believe that he's been here a whole week!!

He's settled well; there's been a few issues but they've mainly come from my early day errors rather than Baxter. I'm learning all the time and feel much calmer now and more confident that I'm doing the best for him. So here is my Baxter boy! - 

It's amazing how daily grooming has made his coat shine, how having lots of space and stairs to go up and down have seen him slim down a bit (he was a bit over weight) and how he's grown in confidence around us and how he trusts us. He's found his favourite space, obviously it isn't where I put his bed etc! The landing! Why didn't I guess that, so I have now put his blanket and cushion out there. He still curls up on his bed in my craft room and still likes to bury toys in his hidey under the snooker table but he snoozes/sleeps on the landing.

I soon learnt that I needed a gate between the back room and hallway, he is far quicker than me and there's no way I could get him back from the door to answer it safely without him darting out so a gate has been installed and I can now answer the front door with peace of mind. We've learnt to shut doors while here so he doesn't bother when we shut them to go out. We've found he loves his space and prefers not to be shut in 1 room for too long so we don't shut him in when we go out, we just only make rooms available we are happy for him to go in. I'm learning how much food to put out and recognising his little signals and noises.

As a first time dog owner, I'm pleased I have an older dog and already know I couldn't cope with a puppy or younger dog. I'm pleased I've given him a chance to enjoy a loving home. I've read lots this past week, learning many ways to get the best from your dog but I know at the end of the day as long as I do my best then that will be good enough!

Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 24 April 2013

WOYWW 203 - My new fur baby!

Oh yes it's Wednesday again and that means we show our desks, but as well as that I wanted to share who's in my craft room!


My little Terrier X who is an older gentleman aged 7. I adopted him he is a Companion dog. He has his own issues so can't managed long walks and sleeps a lot. He seems to settle best in my craft room both when I'm in there and he's starting to settle being left in there on his own. I have done both half an hr and 45 mins 'leaving'. Longer spells today.

Anyway here he is all snuggled up - 

Now for my desk - 

Not surprisingly there are Baxter related things including the folder I was given when I adopted him, his Smash book, my weekly Smash book and some books I bought to help me train Baxter to do what I want him to do.

All very new but fun. I'm learning how to be a 'Pack leader' so that he respects me and follows my commands. He already waits for me to go up or down the stairs and will only follow when I give the okay! He's also learning to let me & Keagan go ahead of him. He seemed calmer yesterday will clear boundaries and 'order' so I'm hoping I have found the right way to look after him. Fingers crossed!

Don't forgot to pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to link up, am sure you'll find other pets in craft rooms too!

Take care Zo xx

Monday 22 April 2013

Baxter is Home!!!

Well we have done it - the adoption happened yesterday and we brought Baxter home with us.

It's still early days but he has settled well enough. He is brilliant at letting us know when he wants to go out, but I'm having to go through the separation thing step by step minute by minute. I'm leaving him and putting the radio on, shutting doors and saying I'll be back but wonder if I'd be better not to say anything and just go out?! 

So any advice for leaving dogs would be handy?!

He has enjoyed sniffing everything - the walls, floor everything, but is finding that all boring now so follows me around. He's already slept on his bed in the craft room but overnight he wouldn't go in another room so came in my room. He slept from 10 pm until 1 am when he checked I was there, then slept till 6.30 am when he woke me to go out! So here's some photos of his 1st day/today - 

Making use of his hidey area under the snooker table, he takes his toys in there and rearranges it all to his preference!

Out in the yard, sussing his territory and listening to all the sounds and making out all the smells!

Something's wrong with this bed, mum.....

......that's better, I want more blankets and toys!

I'm really pleased how he's settled. There are a few things to learn for us both but hopefully we will get there. I've spent time brushing his coat which he loves and already it's starting to shine and look a lot better. 

I'll be sure to share more photos and keep you updated how he's doing. Hoping to get some crafting done while he's sleeping. It's like having a baby/toddler despite him actually being older than me in human years!!!

Take care Zo xx

Thursday 18 April 2013

My 'Wee Florist'

Just a quick heads up to say my DT project is now up on Crafty Boots blog, which you can find if you click this link - 

Here's a pic to entice you!

Would love it of you popped over and left a comment, perhaps follow the blog too!

Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 17 April 2013



I must apologise for my lack of activity here in blog land, but there is something quite exciting happening at the moment. Those of you who are in contact with me elsewhere will know, but I can reveal that we are having a new addition to the family (no, I am not pregnant!). His name is Baxter and he will be coming home with us on Sunday. He is a companion dog and is a Terrier X. He's a little gentleman who is 7, so an older dog, but that fact suits me as he doesn't need the high levels of physical activity like a much younger dog does. I've spent a lot of time visiting him to allow us to get to know each other. And, of course, we've been getting things at home ready for his arrival. Here's a quick picture that I took last Thursday - 

More about Baxter when he gets home, but I wanted you all to know why I've been a bit distant and rubbish at visiting!

Now to my desk - 

So, the right side sees the usual suspects there as well as a pile of uncut stamps and some strips of scrap paper!

Window side sees a few things on the go, so here's a closer look -

A stamped image that I have coloured then there's the pile of Bamboo 3D cards at the front that I've made up and that need envelopes. Then at the back there's my new Smash Book that I've decided to dedicate to Baxter! I've already put his name on it and have put a couple of photos inside the cover as well as a pocket to put the leaflets my vet has sent me.

So there you go, next week I may be able to show you who is in my craft room, though Baxter is too little to get on to my desk!!

Make sure you visit Julia - The Stamping Ground to link up and gain access to the worldwide wonder of wonderful work desks!!
Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 10 April 2013


Wow I've gone over a week without posting, how did I keep quiet that long? Ha ha.

Anyway I break that silence with a post to share my desk as part of the world wide snoop. Julia's Stamping Ground is where to go for all the details and is the porthole to the world!

Okay so my desk -

Right hand side sees the usual Cuttlebug,  radio and pens plus the white boxes are a birthday card and a present for a family friend. Didn't know what to get her so I made a box of assorted cards, she doesn't get out much & relies on her husband to choose cards so I thought I'd make a box for her with different sorts in there to choose from.

The window side desk is covered with the Party Paws Bamboo blockbuster from Crafter's Companion. There is so much I don't know where to start. I keep looking through and ooohing and aaaahing but not actually making anything!

To my left is my bookcase full of the stuff that some of you keep on your desks, but I haven't got room to do that so it all goes in here.

Behind the door is the other units that hold all the card, papers, folders full of stamps, Distress inks and Dylusions and everything else!

So there you go, more than a desk today but I thought as I've been so quiet I'd make up for it!

I am okay, just taking a step back and doing what I need to do to cope. But it's all good really. I've other stuff going on too that is taking my time but I can't share that yet!!

Take care Zo xx

Monday 1 April 2013

Diamonds - Crafty Boots

Good morning everyone, welcome to April and our first challenge of this month over at the

The theme of DIAMONDS was chosen by the lovely Amy who chose it based on the stone being the birthstone for April. 

So think Diamond in shape, sparkle, occasions anything that includes diamond/s just make sure it's clear and tell us!

Now I confess I was a bit stuck, I didn't think I had anything to use to take part then I spotted my diamond shaped stamp I had and while I was flicking through photos to use in my Paris Smash Book I realised that the famous Louvre museum's pyramid is made up of diamond shaped glass!

So I set to work creating pages to document my visit there -

This first page shows my first photos I took of that famous pyramid from both inside and out.  There's the pic of me stood with one of the Grecian statues and my receipt from the gift shop where I bought postcards etc. I've also used my diamond border stamp to accent the page.

This page shares some journalling that says when I went and my thoughts, plus one of the postcards I bought. I added some Paris washi tape I have and a photo of one of the decorated ceilings we saw.

Here's what it looks like together.  A perfect way to remember my visit while incorporating the Diamond theme. Phew!

Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Take care Zo xx