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Thursday, 10 December 2020

Welcoming Paula Lofting and her book - The Wolf Banner (Sons of the Wolf Book 2) - to my blog

 Today I'm welcoming Paula Lofting and her book - The Wolf Banner (Sons of the Wolf Book 2) - to my blog as part of the blog tour hosted by The Coffee Pot Book Club (founded by Mary Anne Yarde).

I am delighted to share a review with you all, but first I will introduce the book.

The Wolf Banner By Paula Lofting


"Best battle description ever!"

1056...England lurches towards war as the rebellious Lord Alfgar plots against the indolent King Edward. Sussex thegn, Wulfhere, must defy both his lord, Harold Godwinson, and his bitter enemy, Helghi, to protect his beloved daughter.

As the shadow of war stretches across the land, a more personal battle rages at home, and when it follows him into battle, he knows he must keep his wits about him more than ever, and COURAGE AND FEAR MUST BECOME HIS ARMOUR…

Publication Date: August 26th 2020 / Second Edition:

Publisher: Longship Publishing

Genre: Historical Fiction

You can purchase the book via -

Amazon UK:

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Now for the review.

With no heir to the throne, there is everything to play for. And so Paula Lofting sets the scene. I am one of those people who owns a copy of the Doomsday Book, and this era of history has always interested me, so when I was offered the chance to read an Advanced Readers Copy of the second edition of The Wolf Banner I jumped at the chance.

I did have a few reservations at the beginning of the book as there is a vast cast of characters, and I have not had the pleasure of reading book one. I found myself jotting down everyone’s name so that I could keep track of who everyone was. Once I figured out who everyone was and what role they had to play in this novel, I began to lose myself in the world that the author has created. This was a brutal and uncertain era where the fate of a nation was in the hands of a few powerful people.

The jealously that the House of Godwin inspired is not surprising, for the king favoured them. Therefore, there are blood feuds, political rivalry and family quarrels aplenty! There is enough story to keep a reader up all night!

It is very obvious that the author knows this era inside out and along with a very believable and compelling plot, this is a novel that seemingly has a little of everything. I really enjoyed it.

Paula Lofting

Paula Lofting is the author of 2 volumes in the Sons of the Wolf series of which she is working on her third instalment. She has been a prolific reader all her life, inspired by authors like Rosemary Sutcliffe, Mary Stewart, and Sharon Penman. She is a psychiatric nurse by day and writes in her spare time whenever she can. Mother of three grown up children and 2 grandchildren, she lives in Sussex and is also a re-enactor of the late Dark Age period.

As a reenactor of the period I can actually say that I have fought and died at the Battle of Hastings at least three times.

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Mary Anne Yarde said...

I am so glad you enjoyed the book - fabulous review.

Thank you so much for hosting today's blog tour stop.

Paula Lofting said...

Thank you so much, Zoe, for this wonderful review. I am thrilled!
I hope this might inspire you to read the rest of the series when you have time! Thank you so much for agreeing to be a host!