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Saturday, 27 August 2016

My Way - Go To Products part two

So I'm back to share the rest of the look I started to share with you earlier in the week. We ended with this - 
 So let's see how I did my eyes.
 I always use Benefit Lemon Aid as a base. This hides any redness and other blemishes on eye lid area.

 I've recently bought this Morphe palette. It is fabulous. Full of decent size pans with matte and shimmer powders. It's the 35T palette - Taupes. I basically choose light, medium and dark shades. I start with the light to cover my lid and up towards my brow bone. Then I build up medium, but I don't take it as far then I add the dark shade to my outer corner on my eye lid and in the cease. This helps to make my eyes look larger and to create more depth as I have hooded eyes as my eyelids partially disappear. It is very important to take the time to blend your shadows to make sure there's no harsh lines.

Now to get my eyeliner on point I use this trick.
Washi tape. Yes crafters I use Washi tape. It's really good for this as it's sticky, but not too sticky that it takes off my foundation. You can use any tape, but may need to stick it on back of your hand to take away some of the tackiness.
 All done -  coat of mascara to finish off the eyes. I do have false eyelashes but decided to keep them for another day.

 Spot of lippy and I'm done.

The last few photos are not as bright as last post's pics as it took me ages to create this look and it was gone teatime by the time I finished!! 

I don't have any proper lighting just some LEDs around my mirror.
Hope you like this look.
Take care Zo xx

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coops said...

Looking fantastic Zoe, really love your eye makeup and especially your eyeliner, something I have never mastered :D

xx coops xx