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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Being me - make up my way with a little help!

Okay so ages ago I said I was going to move this blog away from just crafting. I want it to reflect me and all the things I love.

I guess people often see me as a bit of a tom-boy what with my love of footy, but I've got quite a girly girl in me really. I've always loved make up and have worn it for years. Up until recently, I wouldn't leave the house without a full face on. I prefer a more natural look in the day, but I can assure you even that involved many layers!

Being disabled makes it harder for me to apply my make up as my conditions affect my hands and my grip. I've had to adjust how I do things. So I thought I would share my experience with you guys. I was encouraged to do so by a lovely friend, Aimee, who I met through our mutual love of Bristol Rovers. 

I bought a dressing table last year with my 40th birthday money and wanted to use it properly. I was fed up of having to get my make up out of drawers and, before buying this dressing table I had no where to sit to do my make up. To display everything in a tidy manner I bought these storage units on Amazon along with some LED lights & a smaller mirror. Everything is just there. Ready.
Another thing I've had to overcome is using my brushes. Most have chunky handles which I can manage to hold, but some I can't. So I use foam tubing which I bought on Complete Care shop
this site has many aids - I've bought a few and wouldn't be without them.
The tubing slides onto the handle. Now I can hold my brushes easily. The pink sponge is a Beauty Blender - again I can hold this and use without it hurting my hands. I'm not quite sure how it works but believe me it makes blending foundations and concealers so much easier & quicker.

The other day I spent a while playing with my make up -  I actually had great fun. I was sat comfortably, everything was easy to use & I could put my face on without my hands hurting. I even attempted to put some false lashes on!

I sent Aimee the before and after photos. She was so supportive and encouraging. Her kind words made me feel amazing. Aimee suggested I post my pics to Instagram. It took me a few hours to pluck up the courage, but I did and have received many compliments. 
That's when I decided to write this post as well.
Here you go - 
Those who know me will note the lack of glasses and that my hair is swept off my face - necessary steps for applying make up!

 I look so different. It's not so perfect, but it doesn't matter as make up has a way of making you feel amazing. It gives you confidence. While I could never manage to do this full look with false lashes everyday - it took me quite a while you see - I can recreate it whenever I feel like it.

I've so many ideas I want to do - I guess it's really just another creative and artistic path to try!

I look forward to sharing some of them with you. 
Take care Zo xx


Mary Anne Yarde said...

You look amazing!!

Annie said...

What a fab post Zo. Your makeup looks gorgeous. I used to use make up most days too but wearing glasses makes it difficult. I have very long eyelashes which I've always loved but if I use mascara it comes off on the insides of my glasses and if I take my glasses off to put my makeup on I can see nothing now lol......not easy to put much of anything on even using my magnifying mirror. Most days I go for my naturally beautiful look now hehehe.
Annie x

Di said...

WOWSER Zo!! You look even more fabulous than ever with those eyelashes. Stunning lady!


Di xx