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Monday, 22 April 2013

Baxter is Home!!!

Well we have done it - the adoption happened yesterday and we brought Baxter home with us.

It's still early days but he has settled well enough. He is brilliant at letting us know when he wants to go out, but I'm having to go through the separation thing step by step minute by minute. I'm leaving him and putting the radio on, shutting doors and saying I'll be back but wonder if I'd be better not to say anything and just go out?! 

So any advice for leaving dogs would be handy?!

He has enjoyed sniffing everything - the walls, floor everything, but is finding that all boring now so follows me around. He's already slept on his bed in the craft room but overnight he wouldn't go in another room so came in my room. He slept from 10 pm until 1 am when he checked I was there, then slept till 6.30 am when he woke me to go out! So here's some photos of his 1st day/today - 

Making use of his hidey area under the snooker table, he takes his toys in there and rearranges it all to his preference!

Out in the yard, sussing his territory and listening to all the sounds and making out all the smells!

Something's wrong with this bed, mum.....

......that's better, I want more blankets and toys!

I'm really pleased how he's settled. There are a few things to learn for us both but hopefully we will get there. I've spent time brushing his coat which he loves and already it's starting to shine and look a lot better. 

I'll be sure to share more photos and keep you updated how he's doing. Hoping to get some crafting done while he's sleeping. It's like having a baby/toddler despite him actually being older than me in human years!!!

Take care Zo xx


Alison Scott said...

Isn't he handsome.
I have no handy hints for dogs, last dog I had was 20 years ago as my girls are allergic, though I do remember when I was younger and we got a puppy as I was his favourite I had to take my tee shirt off and he slept with my tee and a hot water bottle in his bed.

Deb's Pen Pot said...

Vive la Baxter! He looks so cute in his hidey and bed in the craft room - and I can already see the shine on his coat! xxx

Di said...

Aw bless him Zo! Super piccies and am sure he'll settle once he knows and understands you'll be coming home again. Early days I think - give him a cuddle from Auntie Di.

Hugs, Di xx

AliWade said...

He is such a gorgeous boy. As long as he is clean in the house when you leave him, and doesn't chew anything he shouldn't, then just leaving him in a familiar room with his bed and perhaps a small chewy treat is fine. Take him out to the toilet just before you leave him (and preferably had walked him, so he is tired), and straightaway when you get back. Leave him for at least 20 minutes to start with, but not too long. Otherwise, a cosy crate (folding metal kennel) is useful. I have used these for all of my dogs and they see them as their safe place. I prefer not to have dogs sleeping in the same room, and also not to be able to follow you around the house all of the time. This will not help with any separation anxiety. Our dogs are only allowed in the kitchen/utility area, and even if the door to the hall is open will not step over the line! Helps with cleaning and they get some peace and quiet. Everyone comments how quiet and relaxed our dogs are. Well, it doesn't happen by accident - as the Dog Whisperer says, "Exercise, Discipline, Love" in that order. Ali x