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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

WOYWW 184 - Oddies

Good Afternoon everyone!

Phew running a bit late with my desk today but I've been catching up on different things & easing myself into the day after falling getting into the shower earlier! 

I'm okay! Bit sore but nothing a spot of rest and a good old lie down won't cure I'm sure, well till tomorrow when I expect to be rather stiff and sore!

Right the desk -

It's all about Some Odd Girls, I've been colouring lately and generally playing with the stamps, I even made the hanging, you can see there on the desk, which you can see in full detail on the Crafty Boots site.
I love colouring these images, they are great fun & appeal to my style!

I've been trying to colour paler images as I tend to go for the bold and bright so on the pile of images already coloured is a paler looking Kaylee!

Right pop over the Julia's to check in for this week's desk hop that is a worldwide weekly wander of wonderful workspaces! (See that there alliteration!!!)

Lastly a huge thank you to everyone who popped by mine last week despite the fact I never got to anyone's desk :( sitting at the pooter is a trying task of late, one that means a full on lie-down after posting just this, not helped by that shower slip earlier!. But I have to grit my teeth and type this post to the end.....cos... well... it . just . has. to. be . done!!!!!

Take care Zo xx


lisa said...

Oh Zo, poor you. I hope you haven't done any serious damage.
Your colouring is really beautiful. It can be tricky to try something different but you've certainly got the hang of it by the look of things.
Take care and Happy WOYWW
Hugs Lisax #45

SandeeNC said...

oh my, I do hope you get to feeling better soon, they say accidents in the shower are a very common occurence, I always think about that when I'm showering, lol I kid you not! Take care my friend, waving the #92 from the hills of North Carolina :)

Bernice said...

Hope you don't feel too bad tomorrow. Get well soon,
Bernice #104

Laura said...

Oh dear Zo. I hope you are not too bruised and knackered. I use weleda arnica oil on my 'ouchies' Not sure if it is the oil that helps my knees after a fall or the fact that they get a bit of a massage... it might be worth you trying..?
Do take care Zo x

Helen said...

Zo, you take care.... I saw on twitter that you're suffering more now, so hope you get a good rest. Helen, 4

fairy thoughts said...

Ah! Zo you poor thing, I hope you don't ache too much. love the colouroing on you little quirky girls
I hope your week gets better
janet #24

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love those girlies and your colouring! Your slip must have been quite scary- hope you're feeling a little better by now. Chris#81

Nan G said...

Lovely coloring. Take care. Hope you're not too bruised and finally off the poorer. :) Happy WOYWW! Nan 14

AliWade said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. Hope you are ok after your fall yesterday. I get wobbly in the shower now and then, and when we move to the farmhouse I will be having a rail/seat in our ensuite. Love your colouring and the images are fab. Will have to get some, as they are my style too (well, I have so many different styles!). I am having a rest at the moment, as off into town later for sight test, post office and some shopping. I will be tired after that! Ali x #20

Lucy said...

Oh, poor you! That's horrid luck, you should take it easy tomorrow as well, I say! The girls have been coloured in beautifully. Glad you got to have a play with them. Thanks for sharing. Lucy #16 x

Emma Williams said...

Oh really didn't need that fall on top of everything else! I really hope you're ok and as always, you know where I am if you ever need to talk!!

Love all the bits on your desk...they look fab!
Take care lovely and keep warm!
Love Emma xxx

Jackie said...

Get well soon from your fall
Love the stamps and how you have coloured them
Jackie 22

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Blinking heck Zoe, what are you like? I know you're making light of it but a fall must shake you up something chronic. Take care and get lots of rest. Thank you so much for my beautiful card btw, I love it! I will be posting an e-card next week to send greetings to everyone :)
Hugs, LLJ #27 xx

Minxy said...

Hay you cheated, that's not a proper desk shoot, is the rest too messy to show tee he he
Cute stamps, your DT piece came out great x
Happy {late} WOYWW and Festive season x
Hugz Minxy #23

Eliza said...

You rest up and take it easy, now slipping in the shower is not taking it easy, play at your desk instead.

Happy belated WOYWW
Eliza 12