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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

WOYWW 169 - colouring

Another later in the day entry from me this week! Yet another hospital appointment to keep me away from the craft room, but never mind I'm back now.

So the desk today is the same as I left it last night - 

Yesterday I posted my first colouring tutorial using Copics. I shared my way of colouring skin.  Next time I'll share how to colour that there red hair (as seen on my part coloured image) - I took pictures as I went, will post soon. 

The funny white stuff around my pens is what I have to use to help me hold them, tubing stuff that slides on and off easy. I don't care what it takes if it means I can still colour!

Top of the desk are my new digital images I just bought from Saturated Canary. I tried to resist..........really I did. But. Well. You. Know. These things happen!

Other than that it's the usual suspects that appear & get tidied away then reappear.

I suggest for far more creative (messy) desks you pop over to Julia's place where untold treasures can be found.

I'm determined to make some comments this week, I so apologise for not doing so of late, everything is mad here, with countless hospital appointments and things happening I just don't feel well enough, any quiet time sees me exhausted and resting.

Take care one and all. Zo xx


Minxy said...

WOW ZO, you colour so beautifully, and its a real cute image too. Hope the hospital visits are nothing serious x
Thanks for the visit, Happy WOYWW
Hugz Minxy #5

famfa said...

Wow that colouring is beautiful. How is that possible. Did you draw those picturs or stamp them. Amazing.
Famfa #22

Inkypinkycraft said...

beautiful colouring, sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, take care trace x

BJ said...

Thanks for stopping by Zo, your number made me think of the men with moustaches - LOL. Have to admit my DH thought I was jolly mad when I said what I wanted the paint brushes for. BJ#35

Elizabeth said...

Your colouring is beautiful and I'm impressed with how you've adapted the pens so that you can hold them - genius. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day and fabulous week. Elizabeth x #101

Susanne said...

Thanks for popping over to Snaps&Snippets. I need to get out my very small stash of Copics and practice a little. You seem to be quite proficient. I hope you are feeling better soon and can fully enjoy your crafting.

Frances said...

Lovely coloring. I appreciate a tidy space, let's you move on to other projects quickly. Hope you feel better and have time to do what you love. Have a great week. Frances #69

Mary Jo said...

You do such an amazing job of coloring!!! :)
Mary Jo #112

Jingle said...

So glad you have a solution that allows you to continue to do what you love!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Anytime you need a make, just give me a shout!!

Glad you got through the appointment ok today - sending hugs :) Your colouring is awesome as ever - I like red heads a lot as you may have guessed!

Hugs, LLJ #71 xx

Rita said...

Hi Zo, Nice to hear from you. Loving your colouring, I don't have copic's but I'm not very good at colouring. Hugs Rita xx

What I Created Next said...

Great colouring Zoe.

Redanne said...

Hi Zo, your colouring of the red hair is fabulous! I share your frustration with numbers of hospital visits and I may adopt your idea for using pens, that is very clever, thanks for the tip. Take care and thank you for your visit, much appreciated. Crafty hugs, Anne x #32

okienurse said...

WOW Zoe you know how to make those Copic's sing for you! You color so beautifully I am jealous! I took lessons and still can't get it right! Hope everything went okay at the doctors! I have started using the "aides" to keep the cramps and pain at bay. I love getting older...NOT! Have a great week! Vickie #37

Twiglet said...

Hope all is well Zoe. Your desk is far too tidy - get crafting and enjoy!! x Jo

Deb said...

wow, your colouring is amazing, love the skin tone and the shine in her hair!

Laura said...

Oh Zoe! I feel for you. If you are tired though rest is what you must do, crafting will wait for more energised days.
Have a good week,

Anne said...

Your colouring is brilliant I am so envious. Sorry you have not been so good. I have nowhere near the problems you have to contend with but some days I would like to just stay in bed!!! Hope you feel a bit beter this week. Anne x #134

emma mitchell said...

Stunning colouring Zoe .
I hope all well .
Bigs hugs Emma xx

Darnell said...

Thanks for taking the time to come see me Zo. I'm sorry it's been a struggle of late, but your attitude and perserverence are inspirational! As is your Copics coloring - stunning!! You take care, Darnell #125

Ali H said...

Just pamper & pace yourself - hope you are back on top form soon & great to see you enjoying your colouring projects even though you feel worn out ! Take care Ali #56

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I was trying to be an expert (I'm not) with coloring hair with Copics. The poor gal I colored ended up looking like she had a bad dye job. So... well, I guess I need more tutorials. I understand the need for the foam pieces on the pens. I think it is great that you found a way to keep on coloring!

trisha too said...

Zoe, I'm always amazed at your awesome colouring!!

:) Happy WOYWW!
trisha, #148 this week

Unknown said...

Hi Zoe

Hope you are OK. I really empathise with you on the exhaustion front - its what sometimes keeps me from posting regularly, that and pain. The idea of the tubing around the pens is good - I've had a couple of colouring sessions that have been spoiled by the cramps and pain across my hand and down my thumb into my wrist. Awful. I've not done any proper colouring for ages because I've been put off by it, but I may look into that tubing.

Lovely tidy desk, and the colouring in your previous post looks excellent!

Paula #136

SandeeNC said...

I hope you feel better soon and can see an end to these hospital visits, (( hugs )) Keep coloring! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Eliza said...

I think you have perfected the hair with copics, great work. Hope you improve your health soon.

Eliza #36

sandra de said...

Your colouring is beautiful. Hope your health improves.
Sandra @20

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Zoe,

Very nice coloring! I don't have copics but I do have other color markers. It's fun to zone out and color sometimes. Great idea about the tubing around the pens. I may have to do that some days too!

Still visiting desks even though it's Thursday.

Hugs, Kay #17

June Nelson said...

Bless your heart, im reading about the tubing and I fully understand, anyway it soesnt ake away from your beautiful colouring or creations sweetie , its gorgeous,take care hun big huggies June xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely colouring Zo, you really have got good at that and I saw the tutorial too, very interesting.

Brenda 18

Amy E said...

Oh Zo...I hope you're starting to feel better. It' so sad to hear you're not at 100%. I hope things get easier soon.

So you're officially a Smashbooker now huh? I love Smashing! I still do scrapbook pages too, and for a different purpose, but Smashing can be so quick, it's fun to do in place of a big long layout.

I'm off to see your tutorial now! Yay!

Amy E. #6

AliWade said...

I didn't get to join in 'properly' this week (we were out looking for a farm to buy), but didn't want to miss out totally - so browsing around a few workspaces for fun. Sorry to hear that you have spent far too much time at the hospital and then the compulsory resting inbetween. I have been struggling with holding any pen/pencil, so will get some of that tubing and give it a go. Gentle hugs. Ali x

Tertia said...

Beautiful colouring! Hope all the appointments went well.
Happy very belated WOYWW!
Tertia #49

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi there Zo, Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy VERY belated WOYWW!
ah really love that colouring the way you do the skin down below, so very carefully! is really quite something and my mother had tubing on her pen so she she could write with it she had Rheumatoid arthritis, multiple surgeries for replacement joints - one of them was for her hands, Shaz in Oz. x #64