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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Colouring skin tutorial with Copics - my way!

For ages now, well since I started using Copics, I've had many compliments about my colouring, and also comments suggesting I should share what I do so I decided to share my way. That is how I do it, not the taught way or even the correct way - just Zoe's way! 

So now I'll share lots of photos of each step, but really all I do is go light to dark and back again with a few tweaks once dry!

Please shout if my pics don't make sense or if you'd like to ask anything more detailed I'm more than happy to help anyone, just leave me a comment or leave me a comment to say you've emailed me if you prefer to ask me directly.

Each picture shows the pen I've just coloured with, so for example, the first photo shows E0000 lid and her face has already been coloured with E0000 to show you what it looks like each step of the way, hope that makes sense, it was the only way to show you what pen I used for each stage.

So this is the first set of light to dark, now we go backwards - 

As you can see you blend slightly into the last colour you put down. Now we do it all again, from dark to light, but this time we add real depth and shade.

This is the first time I use E13, if I used it in the earlier stages the results would be much darker, but I didn't want that effect this time so I only use it during this final stage.

Once I've done this, I add some rosy colour to her cheeks. 

Then I leave it to dry!

Once dry, it's softer but you still have the definition of your shadows.

I thought I'd share with you how I colour, as many of you know I have problems, and can't hold anything too thin, I have this tubing I bought from Complete Care. It can be used on anything to allow you to be able to hold it easier. Weird at first but it makes life so much easier.

Hope this tutorial helps. I shall be back soon with a tutorial showing how to colour her hair red!

Take care Zo xx


Plastic business cards said...

Nice and good collection! it shows your interest! keep sharing.

emma mitchell said...

Hi Zoe
Fab tutorial and gorgeous colouring . Thanks for sharing .
Take care and hugs Emma xx

What I Created Next said...

Thanks for sharing your skin colouring tips with us.

Amy E said...

Wow!! You made her look so real! So how long does it take you to color her like that?

Love the tubing...what a great idea!