When you make a conscious choice to be happy, no one can take it away from you because no one gave it to you: you gave it to yourself.

A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Friday, 27 November 2015

Friday smiles 147 - colouring and new hair!

Hello all you lovely Friday people. I'm back to share my smiles linking up with Annie for week 147!

So after last week where I struggled with my conditions, this week has been much better. I've seen my friends (had to cancel plans last week) inc going to teach art/colouring to my friend's children who are homeschooled. I had my hair cut and have dyed it. I'm seeing another friend today and we are talking craft!

I also managed to complete November Kit and Clowders Create & Learn class. Here's the pics - 

 So my hair is now very red - believe me it's much redder than this pic shows!
 The cut is an asymetrical long pixie cut!! Longer one side with longer layers from the top while other side is cut short above my ear and the back is short too. Very easy for me to manage.
 Here's a before pic - hair was very long and untidy. The style had grown out. You can see the colour better. I took this the morning after it was dyed.

This is my complete November class finished. Am so happy with this. 

What are you smiling about today?
Take care Zo xx


Annie said...

Wow. I love the hair Zoe. That's seriously RED and such a gorgeous colour.....very festive :-)
Have another good week healthwise and keep smiling.
Annie x

Barb said...

Hi Zo, I'm glad to hear you're now feeling much better. It sounds as if you're having a fun week. I love your hair. The colour is great and what a funky cut. I'm beginning to despair with mine. It's really beginning to get very thin ugh! Have a lovely week. Barbxx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I love your hair colour, it definitely does it for me and the style too, love it. Have a great weekend, Angela x

Lisca said...

Oh yes! Red! It definitely suits you! Well done. I'm so glad this week has been a better week for you. I hope next week will be too,

Hettie said...

Hello Zoe. Nice to see you colour your hair for the season!!!
Glad to hear you have had a good week this week.

mamapez5 said...

An interesting colour. Life should never be dull with hair that colour! It sounds as though you had a very happy week. I am glad you were feeling better, and more able to do the things you had planned. The workshop result is just great. No wonder you were pleased with it. I hope this week is just as good for you. Kate x