When you make a conscious choice to be happy, no one can take it away from you because no one gave it to you: you gave it to yourself.

A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Friday, 16 October 2015

Friday's Smiles - week 144

So Friday comes round fast again - bet most of you are relieved. Weekend! 

I'm joining in for the 2nd time with Annie and her Friday Smiles. Pop over and see what this is all about and join in!!

Firstly my daily Q & A journal asks - 

You woke at.........?

Well that would be 6.40am. I always hear Keagan get up and get ready to leave for his work experience job, but I always turn over and go back to sleep. I usually get up between 8.30 and 9.30 depending on how I am. 

So what makes you smile? I saw this idea on another blog (apologies I forgot who) and thought I would do this also.

TIME: mid morning

LOCATION: craft room

FEELING: in pain but coping. Otherwise happy about life in general.

LOVING: not having to ever worry about school mornings ever again! Now that Keagan has left school I see how mad and crazy some mornings were. Obviously it was easier the older Keagan got!

READING: James Oswald - Dead Man's Bones.

DRINKING: Coffee!!

ANTICIPATING: Football - wondering how my boys will do and how my dream team will turn out!

LISTENING TO: Talksport on the Radio.

WATCHING: I am one of those people who dips in and out of shows like X Factor and Strictly come dancing. I don't religiously watch them but do tend to put it on!

PLANNING: my blog posts. I never used to and would go weeks without posting. But now I'm planning in a notebook and scheduling ahead. Really enjoying it too.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: seeing one of my best friends Kath and her family this afternoon.

CREATING: Book art for Christmas presents.

NEED TO FINISH: a crocheted blanket I've started.

WISHING: That my body would decide whether it is going to function or not!

MAIN GOAL THIS WEEK: to get back on plan with my Slimming World properly!

There, I enjoyed that! What would you answer?
Take care Zo xx 


Barb said...

Hi Zoe, Sounds as if you've got it all planned out for the next few days. Have a lovely time with Kath today. It's always good to get together with friends.

I love football. I don't follow any team in particular although I have a few I really like to watch. I watch as much footie as I can. I really like Spanish and German football. I do watch X Factor and Strictly too.

Have a lovely week. Barbxx

Annie said...

Hey Zoe that's fab. I might have a go at that....just not today cos today I have two builders here, my son [electrician] working with his Dad [yes hubby has day off too] to put in the first fix electrics in my new kitchen before the builders board and plaster it out. They all demanded bacon rolls before I left at 10.30 to babysit the twins for half an hour and when I got back from there my youngest daughter was here to check out the building site and all the men were gagging for yet another coffee. :-) So time to think about the answers to those questions??? maybe another day hehehehehe.
Have a great's really good to have you joining in the fun again.
Annie x

Robyn Oliver said...

Happy Friday Zoe, Oh I am never as organised as you.. wouldn't have a clue of the name of the book I'm reading - it's one of Robert Jordans etc etc, and oh if only I would sleep into 7 let alone 8:30 or more....but I do love the mornings. Have a great weekend Cheers Robyn

JoZart Designs said...

Your Q&A journal sounds and reads great and I love the idea but I know I would only stick at it for a couple of days!
I'm certainly not a creature of any regular habits and being retired I do as I please, when I please. It's great!
I love that despite your health you always show the world a positive face and make the most of your life within it's limitations. Keep smiling!
Lots of love Jo x
Are you going to the Crop? Dolores will be there this time but sadly not me.

Hettie said...

Well done you. You have reminded me of a layout I did - pre blogging, of a day in my life. Maybe I ought to revisit that and do one now. Maybe.
Well done for planning blogging. I seem to only be doing my FFs. Too much life happening right now, and not all good.
Ho Hum!
It is the weekend so time to try and relax!!
Are you going to the Crop?

Lisca said...

Good idea about the Q&A. I might do that one day. But just one day, I couldn't do it regularly. Id just forget.
You are organized. Having said that, I plan my blogs too because I do one every day (when I'm home).
Have a good week,

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

That's brilliant Zoe it could be quite interesting done regularly as part of a journal. The only problem with answering the questions... I might not be honest Lol!
Angela x