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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve WOYWW 290

Merry Christmas everyone!

Can't believe it's Christmas Eve, I love this time of year and, according to my son, I the biggest kid around!!

I've not been on here since mid November. But I'm okay! Just stuff going on. Anyway pop over to Julia's place to meet up with other desk dashers!

Not much on my desk apart from my Christmas nails that I will affix later tonight. I cheated bought fake ones and painted them before putting them on. I used bits of white tack to keep them in place while I painted them! 

Naturally they are blue and white - you wouldn't expect anything else from me, would you?!!!

Though I'd share my hair tinsel - pink and gold. My neighbour who is a beautician, has started to branch out into many other treatments and pretty additions like the tinsel & ear piercing!
It stays in for ages and copes with being washed and dried and styled. Just have to avoid tearing the knots out when brushing. It is knotting in with your own hair. 

Anyway will get round over the next few days. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!
Take care Zo xx


PaperOcotilloStudio said...

Love the hair tinsel! Happy Holiday :) #33

Anonymous said...

Oh man I just love that hair!! Fab. Bet the nails look great on too, but not for me - too much cooking to even try to do it with anything other than nails snipped back to my finger tips!

Happy Christmas Eve WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1)

Anonymous said...

Well done you BTW. So far you are the 2nd WOYWW blogger that has managed to turn off the I am not a Robot tick and Word verifications. You get TWO comments for that lovely gift :D

MA again

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Zoe, A Happy Christmas to you and yours. Love the hair, and the nails. I've tried false nails before, unfortunately I have weird, wide nails, so they never fit me properly. And I wouldn't be able to wear them for work, so it'd be a lot of hassle just for a night or two. Love the colour of yours- the blue is gorgeous.Happy Christmas Eve WOYWW, Love from us both, Shaz #11 xxxx

Helen said...

Hope you and Kieran have a very happy Christmas. The nails are a very clever idea, would never have thought of painting them first.. see you soon #5 Helen xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Gashead Nails!! I've seen it all now, lol!! Great fun, take a pic when they're in place and share it with us :-)
Happy Christmas to you and Keagan!
Hugs, LLJ 23 xx

April said...

LOVE the nails. What a great idea to paint them prior to putting them on. And I have to tell my daughter about the hair tinsel. She is a beautician and would love doing that.
April #36
Merry Christmas

Princess Judy Palmer said...

The hair tinsel is cool! I just may have to look into it myself. Your nails are looking good too. You must have a steady hand to paint such a small surface!

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Zo..... what a genius idea with the nails, the Santa's look fab.
May your Christmas be merry and bright and full of good cheer.
thanks for all your lovely comments throughout the year
janet #9

Julia Dunnit said...

Well how can an idea is that...your nails are. Brilliant! I don't miss you becuase we're on FB! But am really sure a lot of deskers will be happy to see you this week. Happy Christmas! Xx

Lisca said...

Hi Zoe. Clever you to decorate the nails before putting them on! And the hair tinsel, indeed I had not heard of those. Looks very Christmassy.
Happy Christmas to you and yours,

Darnell said...

You ARE a kid, Zoe, and good for you! I love your hair treatment and those nails are so festive!! I hope your Christmas was merry!! Happy WOYWW to you, very late, and all good wishes for a wonderful new year!! Hugs, Darnell #49

Chrysalis said...

The hair looks fab, Zoe, and painting the nails first is a great idea. Hugs, Chris # 10