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Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Morning Desk Dashers!

It's that time again when we all meet at Julia's place, The Stamping Ground, to chat, share desks/spaces and generally have a nose at what everyone's doing. Must apologise for my lack of commenting last week, I had lots of blogger issues - couldn't comment or even see some blogs. Or it didn't want to let me see my list. Or kept booting me out! Not sure why? But all seems ok for now!

Anyhoo today I'm going to share my desk-to-be (well one of my desks!). On Monday I saw this on FB in one of those sell/swap type groups and I jumped straight in to get it. The lady who was selling it lived locally so a quick call to my parents to meet me there with their larger car and arm power was all that was needed along with the mere £35 that she was asking to purchase.........

..........................this beautiful writing bureau!

Now I have no idea if it's a reproduction or real but it is beautifully made throughout with proper wood. The drawers bases are thick wood, none of this flimsy board you get with flat pack and the joins are old fashioned ones!!! It has marks and scratches but it adds to its character. It is quite small and is classed as a ladies bureau but then, being small means it's perfect for me!! 

I was so excited by this interior - all those nooks and crannies, oh and the hidden spaces of which there are six! I had fun finding them.

Here's the obvious one! 

I took this when the sun was on it (don't worry it will be out of the sun in my craft room!) such a lovely colour. My dad thinks it's Rosewood? Anyone know? If anyone can have a good guess at era/wood anything I'd be grateful. I've had a look online and seen similar which suggested it's Georgian design. Anyone know how to tell if it's real or reproduction?! There are newer brackets and hinge pieces but could've been replaced. I have no idea and to be honest it won't hamper my love and use of it if I didn't find out, but this curious brain of mine wouldn't mind knowing!!! 

I spent last night sorting my craft room and getting Keagan to move stuff! Here's where it will go - 

What was the desk with my laptop has moved to the right and now has the printer on. The little cube trolley that the printer was on is now under the window desk. I will use my laptop on the bureau as well as using it for writing and sorting stuff! Will take a pic for you all with it in-situ once my lovely dad and brother have carried it upstairs for me!! 

Take care Zo xx


Jan Ltc said...

Happy WOYWW great space TFS xx Jan (45)

Evalila said...

OMG, that writing bureau is gorgeous!!! Have fun with it! Happy WOYWW! Evelyn # 58

Gillian Pearce said...

What a great find! Can't help with the dating but it sounds lovely from the way you've described the wood.
Look forward to seeing it in situ. Clever you for getting the space organised so quickly.
Have a fun week
Gillian #28

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Zoe! It is GORGEOUS. My grandmother had one similar and I coveted it. Later my mom got something she called a "Secretary" and I coveted that. Joe's grandmother had another "Secretary" and I coveted that. And no one let me have theirs when they were done with it so I have my own roll top desk. So phooey on them. The rose wood is stunning. I'm not usually a redwood fan but this is beautiful. It is going to look good in your room and think of all the things you can stash in the drawers!!! Judy # 72

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow Zo! What a find! Love all those little nooks and crannies! Happy Crafting! Chrisx 75

Angie said...

Very pretty piece of furniture! I love classic pieces like that, reminds me of the Victorian era. Thanks for the visit!
Angie #52

glitterandglue said...

It's gorgeous, Zoe. Enjoy placing it in the right space in your room; and enjoy using it - No idea whether it is genuinely old or reproduction - but whichever - it's lovely. A great find. Well done.
Margaret #9

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

That's a lovely bureau and should be really useful. Even if it is a repro you still got it very cheaply and if you are happy with it what does it matter.
Happy crafting and have a great week, Angela x # 48

Unknown said...

What a great find! All those little spaces look like great places for store things. Looking forward to seeing it when you have it all organized! Diane #71

Anavon Harris said...

I LOVE it!!! makes me miss my old desk... :)

Julia Dunnit said...

It is repro, but it's a goodie, and we think your dad is right, rosewood (which really will bleach in the sun..but you already said it wasn't staying in direct sun). ENJOY!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Zo,

What a great find!!! Like you, I love the nooks and crannys. Very cool.

Happy belated WOYWW
Peace, Kay (60)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Zoe, what a beautiful bureau ... and all those little nooks for storing stuff in ... no wonder your happy. What a bargain too! I'm sure you are going to enjoy using it for many years to come. Wishing you a fab weekend. Elizabeth x #47

Helen said...

Just love the writing desk, hope you continue to have fun using it. Sorry I'm late, been a bit busy! Off to the Newbury artstamps show soon so just fitting in some desks first as I'm awake so early.. Helen 2

fairy thoughts said...

hi zoe whatafaantastic find repro or not ( iwould say so looks too new ) but who cares if you love it ..
playing catch up agaain
janet #7