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Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Project Life

As many of you know I'm a huge fan of Smash books, in fact I am dedicating one to the whole of 2013, recording each week, using photos, receipts and stuff as I go. I've never been a Scrap-booker, I've made a few layouts digitally and paper, but not got in to it really. I've often seen people doing Project Life. A weekly peek into their lives with everything but it's less fuss.  Part of my Smash 2013 was inspired by this idea.  So recently I looked into PL a bit more and found it to be more than I thought. It is not meant to record anything  specific, nor is it meant to be the weekly thing I thought, more like it's up to you to record everything you wish, weekly, yearly or in no order at all. 

Create & Craft recently had a PL bundle at a great price and I couldn't resist. As seen on my desk yesterday it's a huge bundle of stuff - 

So once I had a look through I decided I wanted to start, but wasn't sure so I followed the suggested first and last pages using the pre-printed cards and following the easy to follow pictures!

So it suggested you put the empty page folders in. I had 10 of each design so I set about putting them in so there was a random order to the designs.

Inside the box there are pictorial examples so I followed the directions and set my first and last page to match.

First page.

Here you can see the reverse of the cards with suggestions to their positions which I followed.

Last page.

My album - nice and dotty!

Then I started to personalise my first page, including a photo of me I took on my phone.

I added the date as I think that is important. We always forget in the end!

This is the box of cards that you use to fill the pages. They slip easily into the slots and are a real mix of designs and are double sided so you have a great choice.

This is the back of my first page - I wanted it to reflect now, the present so I've included recent photos of Keagan and Baxter. I've yet to write my journalling which I will do so on Today card. 

As well as the album, pages, cards there were dividers, papers and these packets of coordinating card stock that I can matt my photos on to.

Overall I think it is a great kit. Good quality and easy to use. The storage for the cards etc is fab and it makes it easy to keep on a shelf etc. My plan is to create pages for different memories. In no order. Just whatever I fancy. My idea is to fill it up so that it can be kept out on the coffee table where it can be seen, flicked through and added to. I want to get those photos off the computer and out where we can see them.  Oh it will take me ages but I know I will enjoy it. It's stylish, the layouts are fun and fab and can be embellished but I'm not scared to do so. Not a like a scrapbook layout which scares me a lot!! 

Take care Zo xx


Elizabeth said...

Hi Zoe, a good comprehensive introduction to your Project Life. I like your dotty album, mine has a 'wood' finish which is perfect for the old photographs it will hold. I like also the colours in your choice too. I'm making great headway getting the photos in to the album so it is very much quicker than traditional scrapping ... you'll probably race through it and complete the album in no time :) Elizabeth xx

Julia Dunnit said...

h I'm glad you looked deeper into PL, I often wondered why you being such a smasher werent a PLer too. love the pack you got, however long it takes, the pleasure in the doing and the reviewing will be marvellous. said...

Hi Zo thank you so much for your introduction into Project Life I understand what it is now so a big thank you. Love Alison xx

Kirsty.A said...

Intersting to see your first PL. I'm experimenting with it or the first time over our 5 week holiday and already thinking I might do the same at Christmas

Deb's Pen Pot said...

Uh-oh, you've gone and found yourself another project...there'll be more lovely stash for it later, I bet, tee hee! It looks interesting, but for me it isn't 'paper-y' enough...! Enjoy creating it. Speak soon, Debs xxx