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Monday, 15 July 2013

Little catch up, Ebosser thoughts & Baxter!

Time really flies, it seems lately my posts happen on Wednesdays for WOYWW with little else so I thought okay let's do a catch up!

So how are you?

Me; I'm okay-ish. Struggling to cope with heat and pain and swelling limbs. But happy to see the sun. I do enjoy sitting out and reading, but this thick muggy heat gets me. 

Baxter has been with us 12 weeks. Wow. He's settled really well and of late seems totally confident with us going out, not needing his crate and is calm. He's tolerating the Labrador's next door & no longer barks/growls at them, but likes to see where they are just to make sure they aren't going to come over!

Here he is cooling off with a cold cloth - 

And here he is sunbathing - 

I'm going to also tell you about my Ebosser. 

It's the electric die cutting machine A4 capability promoted firstly by Crafter's Companion. I bought mine from them as I'm a Platinum member and get a decent discount. My first thoughts of the machine is that it's solid, smooth working and cuts beautifully. I found you have to play with the sandwich when using different dies, but you are provided with various plates to use and to date I've not had to add any other shims other than what is provided. It is heavier than my Cuttlebug, but that's to be expected and for me it means I had to rearrange my desk so that it can be out ready as it's a bit heavy for me to move about.  It does need space to allow the plates to pass through the machine from front to back. Obviously with the bigger plates it needs that space, but for me it's a plus. It's fab to be able to cut a number of dies in one go.  Now I've got my machine and it's easier for me to use - no more turning handles - I decided to sort my dies. Some of you may have seen them in my last WOYWW post but if not - 

I've stuck my magnetic sheets to the back of the door! Now all my dies are on show and easy to get to. 

Right time for tea, but before I go, here's another Baxter photo - he loves lying on my craft room floor!

He looks young here, but he will actually be 8 yrs old in August. But he still thinks he's 2!!
Take care Zo xx


fairy thoughts said...

Hi zo
Know what you mean about the posting but now I have blog freedom my phone I tend to look more ( eats time though) brilliant idea about the dies on the door. Have fun playing with your new toy

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Now that is creative storage. Love it! I barely visited any fellow deskers last week and as it's Wednesday again tomorrow I thought I'd say "Hi!" on a different day for a change :o) said...

I too love my eBosser it's brilliant love the way you have sorted your dies. Love Alison xx