When you make a conscious choice to be happy, no one can take it away from you because no one gave it to you: you gave it to yourself.

A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Wednesday 25 May 2016

WOYWW 364 - 7th Anniversary.

Hello fellow desk dashers - it's the 7th anniversary of this desk sharing malarky and you can find all the details and the desks over at LLJ Fabric Frenzy

Now I'm sadly not taking part in the swap as I've not been so good and haven't made anything. I've not done much crafting other than a spot of crochet while resting. The window desk is bare (well there's a WIP I can't share that's been sat there for weeks) but I did snap the right side for you.
There's the pens & trays of pencils. The pencil covered shelves in front of my Ebosser are part of a decorated MDF shelving unit that Debs gave me for my birthday recently. She decorated it beautifully with pencil paper. I'm going to use it to put the pencils or pens I'm using on it so I don't lose the colour combos. At the front are my football sticker swaps for my Euro 2016 Panini sticker book. I only need about 95 stickers to complete now!

As I don't have ATC's to swap I thought I'd share 2 photos with you all. 

The first was taken 26 years ago. It was the first time Bristol Rovers played at what is now the old Wembley stadium. L-R Me, my younger brother Danny, our dad at the back and our friend Paul. 
I've seen Rovers play twice at the old Wembley and twice and the new Wembley. We lost both times at the old one but won both times at the new one!

The next photo was taken recently at a Point to Point meeting where Keagan was working for Team Scott. He works for the Jeremy Scott racing yard where they train both National Hunt and Point to Point racehorses. He's leading up here in the parade ring before a race. 
Professional photographers take these photos. As Keagan was tagged in the photos it meant I got to see it and can share it.
Happy WOYWW everyone. You guys are the best.
Take care Zo xx

Tuesday 10 May 2016

A moment in History - fears, tears & celebration!

 It's taken me a couple of days to calm down enough to think, to write this.

If you know me, or follow me on other social media you will already seen what happened on Saturday. I am a Gashead you see. I support Bristol Rovers. And have done so for 30 years. I've held a season ticket for many years and go to as many games as I am able. 

Being disabled I use my wheelchair (yes it's blue!) & usually my mum comes to push me round the ground, in the bar and down to where my seat is in the South Stand. Mum's not really bothered about the football but comes to make sure I enjoy my day & helps me do that.

During my time watching Rovers I have witnessed 1 automatic promotion in 1990 and 2 promotions via the play offs. 2007 & 2015.

I have never experienced what I experienced on Saturday.

It was the last game of the season. Rovers were in 4th place. Outside of the automatic places. Basically we had to win and hope that Oxford or Accrington Stanley would drop points.

Here's my day in pictures - 
 My mate Dave (he lives in Huddersfield) was down for the game and I met him in the bar before the match. Pre-match nerves were very obvious.
Early on it was a beautiful day. I get to my seat early so was able to take this before it all filled up.

 Our mascot Captain Black Arab walks around the entire ground meeting youngsters and waving his flag!
 The surfer flag was out as well.
I took a half time selfie with my mum. We didn't realise then that we'd witness a very dramatic ending to our day!

At 90mins we were drawing 1 -1 which meant as it stood we would miss out on automatic promotion. Oxford were winning and Accrington were drawing. We had to win. To equal Accrington on points but we had a better goal difference. 

I didn't think it would happen. The players gave everything. We had 35 shots. The ball hit everything other than the back of the net.

BUT. In the 92 min Rovers attacked once again. Matty Taylor's shot hit the post rebounding back to Lee Brown who connected with the ball with his right foot (he's a left footer normally!) and put it in the net. Cue crazy scenes of celebration before everyone realised we still have time to play and Accrington were still playing.

Me and mum stayed in the stand. Many ran on the pitch straight away. I couldn't. I stood there screaming but also knowing we had to wait for Accrington's game to finish.
This was the scene. Taken from the high stand to my right. Over 11 thousand fans were there, (300 from our opposition). There was a subdued moment where everyone stopped. And then the news broke that Accrington's game had finished. They drew 0 - 0 which meant Rovers were promoted on goal difference. We had the same points. 85 points.The roar that went up was incredible.
That was when I sent mum to get my chair as I was not going to sit and watch everyone on the pitch I wanted to join in!

I confess as I waited for mum I shed a few tears. I couldn't believe it.
I took a few pics on the pitch.

In the end box is our owner and his directors, chairman and his family.

The players were held aloft on shoulders and everyone sang and danced and celebrated together. The players hugged and kissed everyone.
 I was sat at the side of the pitch when our manager came over. Yep Darrell Clarke is one amazing man!
 Our top goal scorer came my way as well, surrounded by elated fans.
Someone took this from the executive boxes. What a scene!

I have to thank Liz - Crafty Sunflower for taking this photo of me and mum on the pitch! We waved to each other before the game as we can see each other from our respective seats. Mum was pushing me away from the crowd at this point.
I managed to get mum to manage the crowds to capture these pictures with players.
 With Lee Brown - our goal scoring hero. Also 1 of my fav players. Yes I gave him a huge hug and kiss!
 Will Puddy - yes he got a hug and a kiss too.
 Rory Gaffney. Another recipient of a hug and kiss from me.
Lee Mansell - my other fav player. And yes you guessed it. I gave him a huge hug. But when it came to a kiss. He didn't just offer his cheek he grabbed my face and planted a huge smacker right on the lips. So funny. You see Lee is known for his kisses!! (Long story - he once kissed an opposition player to diffuse a situation in the pitch!) 

My mum found it all rather amusing!!
So there you go. We got home just before 7. It didn't feel right to sit in home on my own, I was on cloud 9, buzzing, so me and brother Danny and sister-in-law Jen, who were also at the match, went out for a celebratory drink (well I had coke!). 

Mind you our evening was very quiet compared to most. A busy road just round corner from the ground had to be shut as Gasheads filled it for many hours. Players were carried down the road on the shoulders of the fans. Even our owner went down for a while to celebrate with the fans at the pub. No security guards keeping fans and players apart like they do in the Premier league.
Here's our owner Wael Al-Qadi being carried to the pub.
Here's Lee Brown being carried - shirt soaked in champagne & cider but it didn't matter. All the players went out with the fans and celebrated into the early hours.


I already have my season ticket for next season. Little did I know when I bought it that I would be watching League 1 football!


Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 4 May 2016

WOYWW 361 - something new.

Hello desk dashers - I'm joining in with Julia at The Stamping Ground for our usual weekly desk share.

I'm presently setting up my new phone so my desk is now covered in phone stuff. Transfering from old to new phone is so easy now. I had to put them back to back then connect lead from 1 to other. It's now installing and doing everything itself having copied from old phone. Exciting. Can't wait to play.

Earlier I took these photos of my desk - 
 Right hand desk is a mess. You can see my storage block Julia made me with all my tools & bits bobs I use all the time. Then there's the trays of pencils in front of my copics. My Euro 2016 sticker album is there also.
My window desk is bathed in sunlight. The WIP book folding project is to the left then there's the huge piece of white card that I use to put projects on to take pics.

The finished project is a little picture hanging for my friend as she's just had a baby boy. I really challenged myself with this. As you all know I'm a copic marker girl but I thought I'd be brave and attempt to colour with my Prismas on kraft card. Must say I'm very very happy with myself. Here's the finished project - 

A close up - am so pleased with the skin. I've never managed to blend as well as I have here. I deliberately didn't blend the blue babygrow as I wanted it to look like material.

Have a fabulous week. It's warm here so I shall have my rest sat outside reading in the sunshine later.

Oh many of you who see me on other social media will know I had a fall on the stairs on Saturday. I'm ok but it was the kick up the backside I needed to make that phone call to see about a stairlift. I'm on the waiting list for an OT consult. I've already had an OT consult couple of years ago and had my bathroom changed to a wetroom and other equipment installed. So they already have my file and information. Fingers crossed it won't be too long. 
I always said I would make the call once I started feeling unsafe on the stairs and I wouldn't wait until I really hurt myself to do it.

Take care Zo xx