When you make a conscious choice to be happy, no one can take it away from you because no one gave it to you: you gave it to yourself.

A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Wednesday 29 June 2016

WOYWW 369 - Giraffes & Belfast

So much has happened since I last joined in our Wednesday desk share. This post maybe longer than is norm so please forgive me.

Everyone is meeting up over at LLJ place while Julia continues her road to recovery. So today's desk looks like this -
 My friend's little girl will be 5 so I thought I'd colour up Kaylee from Some Odd Girl in the colours of Frozen. Colouring up a storm at the moment but can't share yet!

Anyway today I adopted a giraffe!

Anyone who knows me will know giraffes are my fav animal (zebras too) I recently watched the BBC programme that highlighted the work of the Giraffe conservation organisation
so I checked out their website and decided to adopt a giraffe for a year. 

Here's the giraffe I've adopted - 
 Basically the fact that he has a horn that is bent is what made me choose him. I'm all wonky too what with my Scoliosis so it struck a cord with me!

Will share more information once I receive my adoption stuff.

The other main thing that has happened is that Keagan had 2 weeks holiday. It was so good having my boy home. We chilled alot but we also went to Belfast for 3 days to stay with my cousins.

I've not flown since 2011 so I was apprehensive about it but it all went well. I used my wheelchair right onto the airplane. The assistance staff at both airports were fabulous.

 My cousins live in the Titanic quarter which is very modern. Everything was walking distance (for Keagan not me, he pushed me around!) My cousins live in the middle block of apartments, however they are at the rear so don't have a full on water view. But they do have one side window that looks out over the water. Stunning location.
 We enjoyed the Titanic museum and discovery tour. Here's the actual slipway where Titanic was built. The layout is mapped in the stone work. The poles mark the gantry points. This photo does not do the size justice. The poles are only half the height of the actual ship!
 I took this photo of the museum when we were on the slipway. The museum was built this shape to honour the great ships built there. Our tour guide took us around explaining everything Titanic!

The city itself is fascinating. Lots of old buildings and wonderful architecture. Super street art. And the people were so friendly.
 City Hall - stunning inside and out.
 We found the official Liverpool shop. Keagan had his Rovers shirt on so had to take this pic. We did go in and Keagan bought himself a shirt half price! (We support Bristol Rovers but follow Liverpool)

My cousin took us to an older part of the city where this alleyway was painted with amazing artwork. It backs onto the oldest building in Belfast. Here we are outside -
We also met up with our friend's from football. We met them at Rovers when their son/brother Michael played for Rovers. He now plays for Peterborough. He recently was called up to the Northern Ireland squad before the Euros but didn't make the 23 man squad that went. Kim came and picked us up and we went out for dinner and spent the evening catching up as it's been 2 and half years since we last saw them.
Yes Keagan is wearing a Northern Ireland shirt. He bought it and had Smith 25 put on it as that's Michael's name/number.
 The fanzone for the footy was just along from where we stayed so we went along to watch some of the Republic of Ireland game. It was busy at the front so we stayed back. Here's a selfie of us all. Obviously I'm in my chair. I'm not that short really!!
Sorry it's a long post but lots to catch you up with!
Take care Zo xx

Monday 20 June 2016

Some new colouring techniques

I've recently signed up to the Kit and Clowder Elements of Nature class 
So far I love it! Alyce has such a great way of teaching with her video tutorials and step-by-step instructions. 

I've completed 3 of the lessons so far - 

 This is my dad's Father's Day card - the lesson was colouring the rusty watering can - a technique I've not tried before. I'm so pleased how it turned out.
These Lilies were a joy to colour - Alyce has challenged me to do them as white as I always go for bold bright options!
Here's another new technique - colouring dew drops. Again I loved this and have never been able to create them before. Until now!

I will share some more as I learn. I've used my Copics to colour all of these.

Take care Zo xx

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Catching up - new hair, stamps & colouring.

Hello to you all. 

Now I've stepped back from blogging for a few weeks to deliberate about how I want to go forwards with it.

While I'll continue to share crafty makes and join in with sharing my desk. I thought I'd actually make an effort to use my blog for more than just crafts. I'm just not creating enough to maintain it as craft only. I know I tried this once before but failed to maintain it. So I'm trying again. With renewed determination!

So today I'm here to catch up. Share what's been going on. First up is my hair - 

 Not sure how it comes across on your screen but it's definitely vibrant pink/purple. The colour is called Pure Purple. But believe me when I say it's a lot more bold pink! But I don't care I love it!!

I've not done a lot of colouring so wanted to learn more techniques so I signed up to the Kit and Clowder Elements of Nature colouring class.
 Here's my first project - the Lillies lesson. Probably one of the harder lessons but I just got on with it and really enjoyed colouring these. I want to do them in different colours now I know how to do them.

I've not bought any craft stash for ages but I came across Tim Holtz Crazy Birds stamps at a super price. So I had to get them. I've used them to make a few birthday cards.

 I sprayed a piece of card with different inks and left to dry. I then stamped the birds and cut them out. I added glossy accents and some sparkle. I also added white paint to pick out some detail.

As a football fan I'm thoroughly enjoying having multiple games on each day. I've watched or listened to every one so far!

Take care Zo xx