When you make a conscious choice to be happy, no one can take it away from you because no one gave it to you: you gave it to yourself.

A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Trying out new ideas & make up

So I'll hold my hands up and admit that my make up has been in a rut for years. However this last few weeks I've had so much fun watching tutorials (mainly by Manny, Jaclyn Hill & Nikkietutorials), buying some new make up items and having fun trying out new looks.

I mostly buy my make up online from reputable suppliers (Never from Amazon ever again unless I know the item is 100% genuine. I got stung - bought a few items only to find out they were fake), but on Sunday I went into Bath (Somerset) and was able to see so many of my favs up close. I bought items from Urban Decay, Clinque & L'Oreal. I even came home with a free sample of Urban Decay high colour lipgloss which pleased me. A new item to try that I would not have purchased myself.

Here's my latest look I had a go at creating yesterday - 
 I did a simple nude tone eye colour - bit of a cut crease. I used concealer on my eye lids to sharpen the crease line. I'm not so good at doing my lips - they are very narrow and small so I try to over draw them but I'm not always successful. The new Bittersweet lipgloss went on well. How long it would stay perfect I'm not sure but it did stain my lips slightly which is good for someone like me. I'm a rubbish lip colour wearer. I manage to get it everywhere and it rarely lasts long so a gloss that stains a bit means I have a touch of colour at least!

The other day I tried to do a darker eye with a cut crease. Well my version anyway!
 I've been learning how to contour and highlight. While I like my eyes here I know I didn't get the placement right for my face contours. It's too low below my cheek bones here. I'll get it right the more I try!

The lighting in my bedroom is okay. Lots of natural light from the big window behind me. I do have white LED lights around my mirror. Sometimes these lights seem to fade my nude/natural colours somewhat & make me look paler than I actually am. I am trying out different positions and angles for these lights. Fairly happy with the lighting in the top photo though.

The make up I used in the top photo is -
Primer - Clinque Universal
Foundation - L'Oreal True Match in Vanilla
Concealer - Urban Decay weightless in Light Warm
Colour corrector - Urban Decay in Peach
Setting Powder - RCMA
Contour - Anastasia Beverly Hills powder contour palette light/medium
Eyebrows - Anastasia BH Brow Definer in Chocolate
Eyeshadow - Clinque single pan in Nude Rose
Mascara - Avon
Lipgloss - Urban Decay high color gloss in Bittersweet.

Hope you enjoy these beauty snapshots I share.
Take Care Zo xx

PS I'll be brave and share this photo of what I look like without makeup - 

Wednesday 7 September 2016

WOYWW 379 - puzzles

Well just a quick post from me to link up with everyone over at WOYWW The Stamping Ground

Very little has happened on my craft desk. I've had a crazy few weeks which included a trip to Chelsea to watch Bristol Rovers in a cup match. Plus I went to a few other Rovers matches. My OT lady has been and is recommending I have a stair lift. So 2 companies have been to do quotes. All of this plus normal life has left me needing to rest in between each event. By rest I mean having to rest on my bed & do very little else. So my 'desk' today is what I've been doing to stop myself from being bored & going crazy. I can't just sit there and not do anything!


Jigsaw puzzles!

My bestie Debs let me borrow some jigsaws to do and I totally got the puzzle bug so I bought a portapuzzle folder that sits on my bed nicely so I can do my puzzle while resting. 

Have you spotted that the last jigsaw picture is of a craft desk?!
Very apt for WOYWW.

Right I'm off to rest up while starting a new jigsaw puzzle. I've also started to watch The X Files from the beginning. Love being able to watch episodes one after another.

Take care Zo xx