When you make a conscious choice to be happy, no one can take it away from you because no one gave it to you: you gave it to yourself.

A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Sunday 28 October 2012

On top of everything else....

Good afternoon

Well it's been a horrible few days for me, on top of my usual problems I've been hit by a virus that started to affect me Wednesday evening when it was clear my temperature was rising, by Thursday morning I was really feeling ill, and apparently looking rather poorly as well, so my mum had to cancel my Hydrotherapy.  I spent the majority of Thursday and Friday in bed. Thank goodness for craft shows on TV which I watched when not asleep and having my iPad, phone and laptop to hand (yep gadget geek here!) I was able to keep in contact with the world.  I emailed into one of the Crafter's Companion shows and Sara pulled my email out!

This is what Sara sent me, it's from her colouring demo she did on air - 

Now taking pride of place on my craft room wall.  Both Sara and Martyn Parker who presented the show knew I wasn't well as I had tweeted them both earlier in the day and Martyn recognised my Twitter name which I put into brackets on my email.  Being pulled out of the Spotty Potty really cheered me up as I'm a huge Crafter's Companion fan!

I'm now feeling a bit better, my temperature has returned to normal but I'm still sleeping lots but feeling more like normal me. 

While ill, I managed to capture this photo, I'm lucky my bedroom looks out across fields up to an old railway station which is now a rail museum.  They still run steam trains up there and I often see the carriages and puffs of smoke. The sun was shining and hitting the changing colours of the trees - 

I zoomed in a bit to pick up the trees further away but love how the sun is even catching the scaffolding that surrounds the neighbour's over the road side-building. I'm so lucky to be able to look out across fields that reach out far to my right. Our town is built in a valley with my house being about 3/4 way up or so which is why I look down onto the houses further down. This time of year really brings stunning views all around. Lucky me!

Anyway hope you are all having a super weekend. Thank you everyone who has popped by over the last few days and left comments, I know I've been by a few of your blogs, but know I haven't been to everyone I should. Sorry if I haven't I'm just doing so little at present, having to concentrate on things that have to be done.  I've got an article deadline looming so thankfully was able to type it up yesterday so it's ready to be read and checked today by my fab friend, Debs who reads all my work for me.

Right I'm off to sleep again!

Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 24 October 2012

WOYWW 177 - new desk/tidy room!

Hmmm it's not exactly what's on my work desk today that's interesting, it's the blooming new desk and fab workspace I now have, that's super exciting!

Okay I confess I am a bit excited here, but if you pop to yesterday's post HERE to see pics of what my craft/office room looked like before you'll understand.

Right there's a few photos to share of my new tidy space so I'll keep it simple -

Starting behind the door (then moving in an anti clockwise direction) - bookcases now neat & tidy and full of  inks and supplies and neatly stored paper, card and folders containing stamps, oh and a few books too. I do need my dictionaries when writing!

Love that I can now have my jars of flowers on display as well as all my inks.

Okay next we move round to my writing area, where all my Bristol Rovers articles are produced -

Then the NEW desk - 

It is the same height and width as my other one so I now have almost wall to wall workspace. As you can see I've moved my Cuttlebug on to it and my pens. The white drawer tower holds my ribbons. The Ottlite and bling bin are where the 2 desks meet.

So we then look across the old desk to the now tidy shelves and windowsill -

Looks a bit dark here cos of the misty day, but it's light in real life as you'll see in the next photo!

And finally my small bookcase that was rammed full and piled high before - 

Now all neat and tidy and it even has some space on the top, a rare thing in a craft room.  Many of the baskets and boxes that were on the window sill are now tucked away in here. 

One thing that isn't clear as such is the floor space I now have, and the ease I can now move around the room in my chair.

But it's all thanks to the troops, mum and dad, and Keagan, of course!

Right quick, pop over to Julia's HERE to link up if you haven't already and see many other desks, though I don't think many will be as tidy as mine! Ha ha.

Take care Zo xx

PS - will try to get to as many as you as possible today, but after that, well I'll say sorry now, because I have Hydrotherapy tomorrow so will be resting up for a few days afterwards and won't be doing much sitting at my puter.

Tuesday 23 October 2012

My craft room 'before'

Good morning!

Things are quite exciting here - I'm currently having my craft room totally sorted, yay!

My little room (box bedroom size) was home to my crafting and my books, with bookcases covering 50% of the wall space and crafting crammed in at the window end.  As many of you know I spend 90% of my day upstairs as that's where the bathroom and my bedroom and craft/office are.  Due to my problems I stay up there to avoid having to use the stairs more than I have to.

Anyway as crafting takes over, like it does, my room has become cramped, overloaded and difficult for me to get to things I need as well as not being able to move my super duper chair around easily ( I have a custom made office-type chair that has been made to suit the shape of my back and it can be adjusted so many ways to mould to and support my hips, back and it also propels me forwards when I need to get up) so I decided it was time to call in the troops to get it sorted.

Troops equal Keagan and my mum and dad. Over the last few days they have, under my supervision, removed 90% of the stuff from my room, carried bookcases downstairs along with the books (I'm having a reading corner in my back room now) and have moved furniture around to make room for a new desk to go next to the one I have already to make a working space the width of the room. The result means I shall be able to move my chair around, access all of my inks etc with knocking stuff flying and have 2 areas to work both at the right height for me in my chair. 

So the 'before' photos - 

As you can see it's all a bit of a mess. And apart from the window desk it's all getting dark too, with so much stuff piled high. What with the dark evenings coming in, I'm really finding it difficult to craft without my Ottlite.  

So I shall be sharing the 'after' pictures tomorrow for WOYWW, so fingers crossed it's all finished. Mum is coming again this afternoon to finish off the last bits but it's already looking fab. 

So see you tomorrow I hope!
Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 17 October 2012


Hello everyone, but especially hello to my new found friends that I met at weekend!

Well here we are, and Saturday seems so long ago now, but I'm still smiling as I remember what a fab time we had!
For those of you who haven't seen my post about our WOYWW crop, you can read and see the pics HERE.

Right firstly apologies for not getting back to many of you last week, Hydrotherapy is fantastic, but boy did it take it out of me, so I couldn't spend as much time as I'd liked to have done visiting all of you. It took me 3 days to recover, but thankfully I was well enough for the crop!  Had my 2nd session yesterday so here's hoping each 1 gets a little easier.

Okay so my desk (taken Tues before the light faded) - 

The aftermath of Saturday really, this is my 'baby' Smash book I was showing everyone, I made a start on some pages while there, but while I was at the crop I was inspired by Kyla (Lil'pidge) with her inks and from talking to Helen (Stamping by H) about this page in particular and how I wanted to see if it would take inks. Well I don't have that many inks, but I do have Melted Chocolate and Postbox red Dylusions so I had a go and the page handled it really well - didn't even seep through. I used a mask to create the sign and more ink through the mask then drew around the design with a white pen. I cut the page out from its original place in the book to go at the back because I want to say something about going out & exploring the world in the sign as a message to Keagan. At the back of the desk is a canvas and a butterfly punch, I was inspired by Pam (Pam's Space) who made a beautiful canvas while we were there, so I got this out so I don't forget to have a go for myself!

Closer look at my inked page, the diamond background is the original design and I'm loving how the ink has picked areas out and made the diamonds brighter.

When we left on Saturday Julia and Jan very kindly gave us goody bags, which contained chocolates, a beautiful mini/pin cushion and a little bag with some stash in to create something, our instructions were to make something with the stash provided and to post it on a WOYWW post, the thoughts behind was to see how differently we all used the stash. We could add/take away from it. Here's mine - 

So I took some bits away and added a few bits too. Messed it up so had to chop the side off but hey it's okay, it's the final thing that matters!

Okay I'll stop now, those of you who met me know I like to chat!

Pop over to the Stamping Ground  to visit our super coffee-making leader Julia for the key to the gateway of the world's desks! 

Take care Zo xx

Monday 15 October 2012

Home - Crafty Boots!

Hello everyone - I'm back today to share my DT project for the latest Crafty Boots challenge.

So the fab and lovely Emma T chose the theme and it is 'Home', why not join us and see what you can come up with, for all the details and all of the DT inspiration go to our challenge BLOG

Ok so my project is based on my home.  

As you can see it's a double page spread in my blue Smash book (Smash Books can be ordered from the Crafty Boots on-line store)

Each page reflects our bedrooms that were recently made over, mine last year and Keagan's this year. 

I used ribbon and card that matched the colour themes of the bedrooms. I also used my pennant epiphany tool to punch out the little flags to add to the pages. Card Candi - have to have it on my projects! I also dotted some liquid pearls around the pages to add a bit of something extra. 

On my page I did use a mask on the background, it's a 6 x 6 Zebra print (bought from Crafty Boots) which I inked through. All because I love print and have cushions on my bed to match!

For the journalling I used a mannequin that I had to write on for my page as it also matches the beautiful cream mannequin that my parents bought me after I graduated in 2010. 

I used just a simple journalling card to write up the details for Keagan's room.

So my interpretation is a little different perhaps but I bet a lot of you are like me and take photos of all sorts?! So why not get them off the computer and into a Smash book!

Hope you all like my 'Home' project and are inspired to have a go yourselves.

Take care Zo xx

Sunday 14 October 2012

WOYWW Crop (photo heavy!)

Oh what a day we had.

Full of fun, giggles, cake, more cake, more chatting, cake, giggles oh and crafting too, of course!

Myself and my mate, Lisa arrived early, my fault, I plan and am too organised by far (see Julia's photo evidence of my bag!) but I liked that cos it meant I could say 'Hi' as everyone came in and I loved the fact that people recognised me, yes it really was me, that same lady from the photo on my blog! 

And so the day started, desks covered in crafty stash, the floor too, a space saved for Helen (Stamping by H) who usually crafts on the floor. Cake galore, tea and coffee poured. Chatter and giggles. Inks sprays and splodges. Sounds of the heat tool, clicking of cameras. Clatter of knives and forks as lunch was eaten (and yummy it was too, says me, little miss greedy who had to have a bit of everything). More clicking, more giggles, more rustle of paper and oohing at work. Did I mention the hugs, plenty of them too. Then before we knew it was time to go again, I'm sure someone stole the day from us as it didn't seem long before the bags were packed again and cars refilled. Then more hugs and photos. And with a smile me and Lisa tootled off home with cake parcels, goody bags, a purchase or two, but most importantly a big smile on our faces, some happy memories and some friendships firmly found.

Right here's the pics, ladies, feel free to save any you want for yourselves, I know we all took lots so can guess we'll all have pics we all want.

Me and Kyla 

Me and Di

Me and Helen

Me and Julia

Me and Jan (LLJ)

For those of you who didn't come along, well you really did miss out so be sure to come next time, because I really do hope that there will be a next time, for that to happen. Hope you enjoyed my peek into the day, I can't wait for others to share their photos too. 

Take care Zo xx

PS I will link this post in my WOYWW post too so those who don't follow me can have a look as well!

Wednesday 10 October 2012


Hello nosy people!

Well we all are, aren't we? That impulse to look and see what others are up to travels around the world faster than the.......speed of your internet connection I suppose. If you are wondering about all this permitted nosy people lark, then you best get over to The Stamping Ground where Julia will show the way (I'm not suggesting at all that Julia is nosy, just that she sorts this whole thing out!).

Right as you know I've been slacking lately, in everything, minimal crafting here, I haven't even coloured an image for ages, and that my friends is unheard of!

I had my first session of Hydrotherapy yesterday, it was good though I am feeling like I've been hit by a truck today, but I do feel much better, in my head at least. So based on this I shall be attending the meet up on Saturday, I can't wait to meet Julia, Jan and whoever else is going, do let me know if you are and I shall look forward to meeting you too!

Desk, Zoe, desk, this new found feeling of positive goodness means I'm prone to go off on a tangent at times and forget what I'm supposed to be doing - 

Ok desk from further away - so untidy, well the whole area is for my liking, but me and my mum have a plan so you'll have to wait until it's been done to see!

Ok so there a shoe box full of photos - all Keagan related, starting right from the moment he was born up until......when I had a digital camera!

A pile of envelopes that holds various cut up lots of decoupage etc, I've been sat in bed cutting up the sheets I printed off so they are ready to use.

Plus all the other stuff that has been left on my desk instead of being put away in my normal tidy fashion!

I couldn't stop myself from putting this one together, it's an easel card that I will put a calendar as the stopper  I think! 

Right I'm in need of coffee before sorting out October finances and then getting round to see a few of you, I can't promise, but I will try, so keep your doors open so I can get in with my sticks!

Take care Zo xx

Friday 5 October 2012

I'm okay, this time 14 years ago.....

Wow it feels ages since I posted, over a week ago anyway, which is an age for me! 

Wanted to say I'm fine, still struggling but having to be careful what I do and when I do it and when I'm good enjoy things for me and be a bit selfish and rest lots etc! You get the idea, I have been crafting, making up pieces from that fab Beatrix Potter blockbuster kit. 

Anyway it's my boy's 14th birthday tomorrow so it seemed right to share a pic of his card and a pic of him only a few days old! Ssssh don't tell him though as he'll tell me off good and proper.

So Keagan's card is actually made up of 2 of the shaped cards on the new Toreads cd from Crafter's Companion, I took the JPegs into Craft Artist and made them the right size to make an A4 card, I also resized a topper to create the inside. I added gold peel-offs around the edge then stamped the 'My Boy' and the 'No 1 Son' sentiments direct onto the card, eek scary stuff that, then I coloured them and added Glossy accents too.  I had a round sentiment from my BP kit so I coloured it to match and added it to the inside. I know Keagan is going to laugh when he sees this and tell me off for being totally random I reckon! 

Right now for the cute bit, this was taken using a Polaroid camera, amazing to think we didn't have digital cameras then and had to use instances to get our pics straight away. I scanned the photos into my laptop. 

This was Keagan at about 4 days old I reckon, we were still in hospital as I had a few problems, I stayed in our local cottage hospital for a week, unheard of these days! 

And here he is just over a week old now at home! 

Right I better hit the publish button before Keagan sees what I've done!

Take care Zo xx