When you make a conscious choice to be happy, no one can take it away from you because no one gave it to you: you gave it to yourself.

A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Monday 21 September 2015

Not a Wednesday desk!

Not your usual desk posts of a Wednesday style but I thought I would share this photo of Baxter I took over the weekend!

 He's totally chilled - laid out on my desk watching the world go by!
Also my latest book art - Bristol Rovers - the light isn't good but I promise each letter is inked blue and it shows up better in real life that on here! I've made this as a Christmas pressie for my mate Dave. (Don't worry he's not on here!) This year I'm making book art projects for presents for Christmas. Thought I'd best start soon as I've quite a list to do!!

Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 16 September 2015


Hello everyone - lovely to see you. If you've not been by recently you will note the new design and see posts that are not always craft related. I've decided that as I'm not posting DT craft work now I will blog about all areas of my life. Would love you to still read them and leave me some love!

Anyway am here to join in with Julia's Stamping Ground to share my desk. 

 So the right side - usual pens and you will spot an image that's been coloured awaiting to be put onto a card.
 Window side sees 2 bookart projects that have been decorated and were drying overnight.
 I can't share one as it's recipient is online but I can share this 'MUM' one as my mum doesn't use the internet!
I've inked it with a soft blue. it's mum's birthday next week so this is one of her presents. Do you think she'll like it?!

So that's me. Off to the vets so that Baxter can have his annual jab. Will pop round as many desks as possible later.

Take care Zo xx

Sunday 13 September 2015

Well that was ....bland. The Nearly team.

So yesterday I went to watch my beloved Bristol Rovers. It was a welcome afternoon out following my horrendous week health wise. The sun was shining. I got to see many of my Gashead friends. So it was enjoyable until the game started. 

I'll confess to being a blue tinter. A happy clapper. But even for me, the game was a bit bland. Boring. Both teams huffed and puffed. But Accrington Stanley stayed strong. Were organised. And we just couldn't break them down. They scored. We didn't. End of.

Darrell stated in his post match interview that we were the 'nearly team'. I can't disagree with that.

 I'm staying 100% behind Darrell and the boys. It is way too soon to start panicking or calling for drastic measures. Do Gasheads really feel we will be top 7? I know that's what we have to aim for, but realistically I think we'll finish in the middle somewhere. We'll become one of those teams that won't have anything to play for at the end of the season. In my opinion anyway.

That winning habit gained last season was always going to be difficult to replicate. We will witness more losses that's for sure. But ultimately I do believe we will win enough to be ok. I want us to up there, of course, but I just feel we need to have a season or so to settle back into the league. Then go for promotion when we are stronger squad-wise, Darrell has a chance to really get his teeth into this league and perhaps we've a little more money. 


Take care Zo xx

Friday 11 September 2015

That book folding lark!

So many of you will have seen the beautiful book art that seems to be everywhere. I'm a book lover. I've read all my life so the thought of tampering with a book in such a way horrified me to start. But then I realised I could actually preserve unwanted books this way. That a book could now be treasured instead of scrapped/charity-shopped. 

So I bought myself the Book Art software which means I can create my own designs (you can buy patterns but having my own will save money in long run). The software does need an image that is already silhouetted/black like this -
I created this in my CraftArtist Pro 2 software and saved as a JPG. This can then be uploaded to the bookart programme. You do need to enter the specific details for your book. It's height and how many sheets (not pages). I see how many marked pages there are and divide that by 2. Then I add the unnumbered pages to get my total. The software then works out how many pages your design needs (it tells you if your book isn't big enough as well) and gives you the measurements for each page.

 I always measure down from the top of the book.

 You fold the pages to your marks. I makes sure each fold is crisp and I stick it down as I go.
This is what it looks like as you go. It makes little sense to start but the more you do the more the design comes to live. 

Here's a couple I've already made - 
 A simple heart design I made for my friend's wedding anniversary.
 A Butterfly for my friend's birthday.

So I'm learning as I go and enjoying the process. I find it very therapuetic!

Take care Zo x

Thursday 10 September 2015

A new design & purpose

So I had a little change of design. Do you like it? 

I've decided that since I don't craft and post DT work now as much I'd would start to discuss and post about other things about my life too. So yes there will be craft. I may talk about a book I'm reading. Or about the football match I went too. Or about my conditions.

Hopefully you guys will stay with me and hopefully a few more followers will find me too.

So let's start with an update about me.

I went to the doctors yesterday because I've been struggling. I keep saying I cope but to be honest I wasn't. 

I had a good chat with the doctor and we decided to increase the dosage of my medications. It'll take days maybe a week or so for it all to settle and make a real difference but here's hoping. 

Scoliosis. Fibromyalgia. Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility.

Not only are they hard to say. They are hard to live with too!
But a little positivity can go a long way.

Take care Zo xx

Wednesday 2 September 2015


Well good morning you lovely lot!

I've been missing of late, I know you'll understand that when I say I've not been good. In fact recent events have lead me to having a Telecare alarm fitted so that I can wear the pendant when home alone and can summon help with the press of the button. Yes I've realised I'm not a superhero who can get out of any situation!

A little colouring has been done and I have began attempting another book folding design. 

I enjoy the process of measuring and folding. It's a quiet task that requires focus. I can concentrate on it rather than the pain. I prefer this way than the pattern where you fold to lines.

So as always pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to link up and to nose somewhat at desks around the world!

Okay back to the folding. Take care Zo xx