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A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My first Art Journal pages!

Well, I'm back after a somewhat turbulent weekend, one that saw me not well enough to go to watch my beloved Bristol Rovers - I huffed and puffed and got in a bit of a strop with myself, but knew I couldn't go, knew I couldn't do the drive nor cope with it all so resigned myself to staying at home listening to the radio as my boys only went and won 3 - 0! Typical!

Anyway I've had time to have a crafty play and keep up with my Project 2013 Zoe-style so I'm now sharing it all with you - 

So this is the page for last week in my weekly journal that I call Project 2013 (Project Life spin off style!) - a bit different this time, I added a calendar pocket and I scribbled notes on to each day then I kept certain receipts and bits from that week - a petrol receipt, a receipt from Argos, some invoices for craft purchases plus I attached a photo of my boy, Keagan, who rode one of the smaller ponies for a change. He now usually rides horses, but every so often rides something smaller to give the pony a good ride out (many are only ridden by smaller children who can't yet canter or jump) as well as providing different challenges to the rider!

Keagan on Poppy.

Up until recently I didn't really do the whole art journal thing, I admired the pages others did, but didn't think about trying it myself (or I did try but it all ended in a mess with no direction or clue as to what I was doing!)  But the more I saw the more I thought I could do it.......properly - so I bought one of Dyan's Dylusions journals and had a go. All the usual suspects were used - Dyan's inks and new couture stencils. Plus I bought a signed copy of Dyan's journal book and I found it to be so inspiring and I love that it has little phrases in there so you can add them to your own work which I did with the 'shine' phrase. That's all I did - sprayed inks, splashed water, used paint in and through the stencils and stamped stuff! 

Bit of doodling and I love how Dyan shows how she uses the lid of the inks to make circles! Yep I did that too. 

I stamped out the phrase and then drew around it in black and white. Then I stopped.  Before I got carried away and ruined it. Because that's what I would usually do before, do too much which was why I hadn't really done this properly.

So no ruined page this go, and I'm pretty darned pleased with it!

Take care Zo xx


Unknown said...

Zo this is AMAZING!!! I love it:-) You have inspired me to make my own SMASH style book too, although I haven't bought a proper SMASH book, I'm going to make my own but I love what you have done with yours. Hope you are feeling a bit better now hun xx

Gabrielle said...

This is just fabulous Zo! I feel utterly inspired to go home and do a page in my journal! Fab-u-lous! Yet another talent you have discovered!

Helen said...

oops, blogger error! This is great, Zoe! I want to go and play in mine too....

Deb's Pen Pot said...

Well done you, hon - it's interesting to see you doing different things and using different styles :0) Well done you, too, for knowing when to stop - and when not to go to footie! Hope you feel better now TC xxx

Alison Scott said...

Hope you're better now.
You must have been ill to miss footie!
Love the art journal pages.