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Friday, 9 November 2012

Crafting for ME!


Those of you who read my WOYWW post Wednesday will know I've decided to craft for me and not do the 1 fair a year I've been doing. My health means I focus all year on this 1 fair, making things when I can, planning months ahead and then it makes me bad cos of the sheer amount of work involved. This year's  fair was so busy I only managed to have 1 quick breather to pop to another stall and buy a lovely handmade phone case! I was literally on the go (stood up on my sticks) the whole day, how I don't know, as people swarmed the hall and my stall. While it was so lovely to get so many fab comments, it hurt me so much physically and I was so tired. I saw a chap yesterday I know who actually bought something from me around lunch time and he told me I looked absolutely shattered then, and he could see I was barely coping physically with it all. It's just not worth it.

Anyway decision made - so the other evening I set about my 1st crafty project - at the WOYWW crop Pam was putting together this wreath that I has seen on the front of the Stampin' Up seasonal catalogue. She showed me in more detail and I knew I needed those stamps and dies. So once I got my hands on them (thanks to Stampin' Boots Stephanie Emma) I couldn't wait to play and this is my first attempt! 

Wow I surprised myself at how I managed this - the dies made it so easy to cut out the stamped baubles and I just stuck it together the best way I could. My fab friend Stephanie-Emma sent me instructions to follow as well so that made it a lot easier for me as I do tend to forgot! I like the fact it can be made slightly different each time depending on colours and embellishments.  I'm so going to make a blue version!

So my friends, this is what I shall be attempted again, hope you like it!

Take care Zo xx


Caroline said...

WOW I love this love the design and the colours used are gorgeous. Caroline xxx

Kirsty.A said...

I think you have to do what you can manage. this si supposed to be a hobby, after all

Katie said...

Gorgeous Zo!

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous, Zo - it will look beautiful hanging up at Christmas. Glad to see you're putting your decision into practice. Elizabeth xx

AliWade said...

That is gorgeous. Looks complicated? Ali x

Dee's Craft Room said...

Hi Zoe

I almost missed this post, I came looking for it after reading your comments. You have done a fabulous job with this ornament and I love how you have changed it just a little to make yours more individual. Do you think you will make more?

Don't overdo it travelling today. I also have to set out today but I am breaking my journey en route. See you Saturday.

Dionne xx