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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

WOYWW 177 - new desk/tidy room!

Hmmm it's not exactly what's on my work desk today that's interesting, it's the blooming new desk and fab workspace I now have, that's super exciting!

Okay I confess I am a bit excited here, but if you pop to yesterday's post HERE to see pics of what my craft/office room looked like before you'll understand.

Right there's a few photos to share of my new tidy space so I'll keep it simple -

Starting behind the door (then moving in an anti clockwise direction) - bookcases now neat & tidy and full of  inks and supplies and neatly stored paper, card and folders containing stamps, oh and a few books too. I do need my dictionaries when writing!

Love that I can now have my jars of flowers on display as well as all my inks.

Okay next we move round to my writing area, where all my Bristol Rovers articles are produced -

Then the NEW desk - 

It is the same height and width as my other one so I now have almost wall to wall workspace. As you can see I've moved my Cuttlebug on to it and my pens. The white drawer tower holds my ribbons. The Ottlite and bling bin are where the 2 desks meet.

So we then look across the old desk to the now tidy shelves and windowsill -

Looks a bit dark here cos of the misty day, but it's light in real life as you'll see in the next photo!

And finally my small bookcase that was rammed full and piled high before - 

Now all neat and tidy and it even has some space on the top, a rare thing in a craft room.  Many of the baskets and boxes that were on the window sill are now tucked away in here. 

One thing that isn't clear as such is the floor space I now have, and the ease I can now move around the room in my chair.

But it's all thanks to the troops, mum and dad, and Keagan, of course!

Right quick, pop over to Julia's HERE to link up if you haven't already and see many other desks, though I don't think many will be as tidy as mine! Ha ha.

Take care Zo xx

PS - will try to get to as many as you as possible today, but after that, well I'll say sorry now, because I have Hydrotherapy tomorrow so will be resting up for a few days afterwards and won't be doing much sitting at my puter.


Inkypinkycraft said...

Hope hatvgoes well for yu tomorrow! Your space looks super tidy and beautifullynlight! Happywoyww hugs trace x 46

Helen said...

Zoe, your new room looks fantastic, you supervised your troups very well! Hope this week's Hydro goes ok and the after-effects are too painful. Take care my friend! Helen, 19

Jackie said...

I love your 'new' room...Could you send your mum, dad and Keagan over here please? lol

My name is Cindy said...

Hi Zo, the room looks great - I love it when you have a re-organisation and the space works better - I'm almost getting to that stage in this room, haven't had a good move around for about a year. Still got one clear shelf top to put things on though!! Happy WOYWW Cindy #17

Unknown said...

Loved the look around your workspace Zoe. It's wonderful. Hope all goes well tomorrow. XX

Sarah said...

Looks absolutely amazing Zo!

Sarah x

Sarah said...

Wow, it looks fabulous - so tidy and organised!! Enjoy crafting and writing in your "new" space!! xx

Kate said...

I'd be blooming excited too, that craft room looks fab.

** Kate **

Ann B said...

Fantastic craft space there Zoe, didn't they do a good job for you.

Just back from walking the dog and catching up on a few desks.
Ann B #70

Cardarian said...

What a lovely craft room you have now - well to be honest your "old" craft room was still much better then mine! Ohhh how tidy everything is! I must have a tidy up soon otherwise I will have to move out of the room ha, ha...but what is a craftroom without a crafter????
Lots of hugs,

Di said...

Hi sweetie - your craft room looks fabulous Zo - everything to hand and so well organised too. But then, having seen your fabby craft tote bag and the way you had everything so beautifully worked out and packed at the WOYWW crop I can totally understand and am sure you must be a delighted little bunny right now. AND, I remember the TH inks and attached pads - sigh, would you like to send Keagan and Co. here next?

Happy WOYWW Zo, I'm too busy to join in right now but am hopping round my fave blogs :)

Big hug, Di xx

Lou said...

Wow what a lovely craft room you have and so tidy!

Happy WOYWW!

Lou #75 x

Unknown said...

You look super organised and so tidy. Enjoy your new space.

Anonymous said...

That looks spectacular. Why, when I tidy up, does it STILL look like a bomb site?? Hope you are recovering from the crop :)


MA (15)

McCrafty's Cards said...

Enjoy your new desk and your lovely tidy craft room Zoe,
Kevin xx

JoZart Designs said...

Oh, Zo, I am so pleased for you and what a treat it must be to have such a wonderful space most would kill for! Now we need to see some crafty wonders appearing from it ! It should be the best incentive.
Love Jo x

Erika said...

Zoe I wish my desk and room was as tidy as yours. Have a super Wednesday from Erika in room 101 this week!

Daniella said...

BRILLIANT!!! You are one lucky lady to have this amazing space!! And all of the awesome supplies you have!! I'd love to come over and play with you!! How long of a card ride do you think it is to you from NJ?
Good luck with the hydrotherapy. I hope it is helping!

Deb's Pen Pot said...

LUSH! When you said you were going to get the troops to do this, I didn't anticipate how soon! That'll teach me, 'cause I know what you're like! Looks fab - enjoy your new space love Debs xxx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Cor, that's a gorgeous new workspace, you lucky girl, you = may you produce lots of gorgeous items from there!
Hope the hydrotherapy goes well, take care resting up after it though...
Hugs, LLJ #66 xx

Minxy said...

Squeeeel for you, there is nothing betting than a jazzed up, tidy, more space craft room, look at all that desk space, you lucky lucky thing, Enjoy x
Happy Wednesday
Hugz Minxy #7

kay said...

what a fab makeover,enjoy crafting in there
have a super woyww
kay #57

okienurse said...

Nifty neat new crafting space! I love how you have it arranged so you can easily see and get to stuff you want to use! Wish I was as far along with my crafting room as you are with yours! Hope you have a great week. Vickie #91

Nan G said...

Love the new organized space! Look at all,of your pens/! Someone loves to color! Happy WOYWW! Nan 27

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Zo
Well that is quite a transformation, well done one and all. It looks fab, sooooo tidy. I look forward to seeing what you produce.
thanks for sharing
janet #58

SandeeNC said...

Your atelier looks devine!! Blame LLJ for the posh wordage ;) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

butterfly said...

What a totally fantastic turnaround from yesterday's post - tell me you didn't do all that in a day!! Gorgeous work space... how inspired you must be feeling - have fun playing in it!
Alison x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love, love, LOVE the newly renovated room. How fabulous for you! I'm terribly jealous of that empty space on top of the bookshelf. How exciting to have it so nicely organized with the things you need out in the open on display. Happy creating!!!

Gillian .... said...

Hey Zoe

So excited for you having all that new workspace, hope all goes well tomorrow. Gillian #9

Elizabeth said...

Hi Zoe, I'm now suffering a serious organised envy - your craft room is seriously well organised and I just love it. I'm forever reorganising mine and still never completely satisfied and now I'm thinking I will have to re-think how I have my shelves and maybe another sort out is going to have to be scheduled just as soon as I feel more up to it :)

Thanks for your lovely comment earlier - it bucked me up to read it and know you understand.

I hope the hydrotherapy goes well and that it won't take you too long to recover. Otherwise, have a good week. Elizabeth x #114

Shoshi said...

Wow, that's really organised - what a transformation! What a lot of work must have been involved. I am sure it is now inspiring you to be even more creative!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, and I'm glad you like my efforts this week. If you haven't already, you might like to hop back to my blog and see my subsequent post, with the finished page.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #2

Hettie said...

Wow Zoe. Fancy coming round and reorganising my room for me please? Or can I just move into yours? I can always pop over the bridge for a new desk party! I will bring cake!
Hugs for your treatment!

Kyla said...

Oh hun, what a transformation..I spy spray inks..looking forward to seeing what you create next

Good luck with hydro

Kyla x

Angie said...

Wonderful! I so hope that everything helps you and that recovery comes soon!
Angie #114

Darnell said...

No wonder you are excited, Zo!!! Your new craft space is an absolute DREAM and that means a lot coming from me with my perfect space! I hope you feel well enough to enjoy many, many years of crafting happiness in your new space!! Best wishes for tomorrow's therapy ...

Thanks for coming by to visit me already! Darnell #59

Eliza said...

I love yournew space it is so much better having somewhere to put things and things being where they should be. An organized space it so much easier to maintain. You must be really happy yourself with the setup.

I hope the hydrotherapy doen't take to much out of you and you return to that beautiful space to play.

Yes VB machine has gone to hell. I did scrap it for parts.

Eliza 88

Amy E said...

Zoe!!! It's awesome!! Your new space is so neat and tidy and well organized!! And putting the two desks together looks like you have tons more room to create. That's more desk space to get messy and show off to all of us!!

Amy E. #1

VonnyK said...

Wow, what a difference, you won't know yourself with all that space to work in. It looks fabulous. I hope all goes well with your hydro and after a rest you can get back to your wonderful room.
Have a great week.
Von #45

LisaDV said...

Your space looks absolutely wonderful! Hope hydro goes well, rest up and you'll be back in your craft room soon.
LisaDV #164

Anne said...

Looks great and hop therapy goes well. Anne x #146

What I Created Next said...

The room is looking great. I have a dedicated craft room too and just like you I have to have everything neat and tidy and a space for everything. Hope you continue to be as organised.

scrappymo! said...

Your room looks fab...such a lovely redo and as you say...more room for your chair.

Anonymous said...

Love that new room Zoe, it's amazing how the craft stuff takes over, from one box to one bookcase to an entire room!!! Have fun creating in there.


Dee's Craft Room said...

I cannot believe how fabulously neat you are - even before the tidy up! I must be the messiest crafter around!

Dionne xxx

June Nelson said...

Wow this is brilliant and im dead jelous""" can I come and play please, I will behave lol, have a great weekend hunnie big huggies June xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Teresa said...

It looks wonderful Zoe, I bet you can't wait to jump in there and mess it up again now lol. You've done a great job, hope the aches & pains aren't too bad. Take care of yourself. Hugs Teresa xx

RosC said...

Hi Zoe,
This is Magnificent!!! I'm so impressed...and a tad envious, just a slight shade of green here. I don't mind some mess but I like to have a place for things and be able to put them back when I've finished a project. Can't do that in my room.
Hope the aches & pains resolve. Sorry I haven't been along much lately; been unseemly busy.
Take care,
Ros #165.

Julia Dunnit said...

Delighted that the space will work so well. It makes a surprising difference to the light when you take stuff off the window sills . Nice to see your lair...and as I'm so late, I hope you're feeling really much better by now.

Morti said...

Oooh - how fabby! But the question is, how long will it remain clear and tidy, as you now also have room for so much more stash than before!! Heheheheh

Thanks for stopping by!