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Friday, 29 June 2012

My boy!

I don't often share pictures that are not craft related but wanted to share these beauties with you all straight away. No doubt they will be Smash*ed, digitally scrapped etc but just had to share them now!

It's my boy, Keagan, jumping the highest jump he's ever attempted - a huge 2ft 9"! Wow - nearly hurdle height (horse racing). He wants to be a Jockey and has been riding since he was 7, having weekly lessons with an instructor and now he's nearly 14, he often volunteers to go over the yard and help, working with the younger children, assisting with parties and lessons and carrying out the mucky yard work too. 

The pony is called Poppy - he's only been riding her for a few weeks but boy do they make a good team already.

Keagan's instructor took these photos as she was obviously much nearer than I could get!

Hope you enjoy seeing something a little different from me - enjoy the weekend.

Take care Zo xx


Sue said...

WOW!! Fabulous photos Zo, thanks for sharing


Elizabeth said...

Great photos and though I don't know a thing about horse-riding, I'm totally impressed with Keagan's prowess. I hope that he reaches his goal to become a jockey and wish him good luck. Elizabeth x

McCrafty's Cards said...

Fabulous pictures Zoe, and I wish him well with becoming a Jockey, I am a big horse racing fan.
Kevin xx

Shoshi said...

Lovely, Zo! What great pictures. I love watching horses doing their thing - I always enjoy watching the show jumping and carriage driving at the county show. Such beautiful creatures. You must be so proud of your lovely boy!


emma mitchell said...

fabulous photos Zoe he look like a pro ,wishing him all the best .
hugs Emma xx

What I Created Next said...

Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing them with us. Horses are such beautiful amazing creatures, aren't they?

SandeeNC said...

he is doing an awesome job, great form, just need to keep those heels down! waving hi from the "too hot for this mama without a pool" hills of North Carolina :)

Teresa said...

WOW! Well done Keagan! wishing him the best of luck, you must be so proud Zo.
hugs Teresa xx