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Monday, 1 August 2011

Rovers Fun Day

Good afternoon, everyone. What a hot and humid day it is. Hope you're all ok?

Thought I'd share a few pics with you taken yesterday at the Bristol Rovers Fun day.  However, the day started out rather sad, as our budgie, Timmy, had to be put to sleep. He was an elderly gentleman, but no less it was horrible to make the decision that it was better for him to go to sleep than see him suffer. At some point during the night he obviously had an accident that saw him damage his leg rather gruesomely, beyond help. So myself and Keagan went from our initial excitement of looking forward to the day ahead to feeling rather sad.  Keagan broke his heart as he said goodbye to the little fellow, and I found it hard to stay unaffected as I comforted him. It's horrible seeing your child lose something for the first time.

Late morning we picked up Keagan's friend Travis, and made our way to Bristol. The fun day is an annual event that takes place at the Memorial Stadium, home of Bristol Rovers. The players, management and board are there mingling with the fans all day.  The event is free, and offers fans a chance to wander around the stadium, meet the players and grab some autographs and pictures.

We managed to meet most of our new players, and had a chat with some of them who've been there a while. Firstly we met the new manager!

Not such a good picture of me, but am really pleased we had chance to have a chat with Paul Buckle before he ended up surrounded by fans all day.
  After that we made our way to the changing rooms. You get to wander down the tunnel and enter a part of the ground that is usually off limits to fans. In the changing rooms we met a number of players and Keagan saw the new goalie shirt, which he can't wait for it to go on sale as he wants to buy this rather fetching orange shirt!
 We had pictures with Stuart Campbell (sat next to Keagan) and Scott McGleish (sat next to me)
 You can see Keagan holding flag/pendant which we bought in the shop first and then got all of the players to sign it for us. Keagan then had his picture taken with Bryon Anthony, one of our players that has been at the club for a number of seasons.
 Keagan then met Cian Bolger, one of our new defenders.
 Followed by Kanye McLaggon and Michael Boateng.
 We spent ages then trying to find the two players Keagan really wanted to meet.  All day the players moved around the ground and it seemed we were deemed to not find them as we seemed just miss them each time.  But finally we found them! So here's Keagan with Matt Harrold, one of our new strikers,
 and here with Scott Bevan, our Goalkeeper.  Keagan wanted to meet Scott out of all of the new players.  Most boys Keagan's age seem to follow the strikers but my lad loves playing in goal and always chooses a goalie over a striker as his favourite player.
All of our new players were friendly and great characters, but I think Scott Bevan will become one of our favourites. We spent quite a while chatting with him, had a giggle as he's 6ft 6" and I'm only 4ft 10" so he towered over me!

We thoroughly enjoyed the day, though I came home in a lot of pain and was very tired. But it was all worth it to see Keagan smiling and happy after seeing him so sad earlier in the day.

Take Care Zo x

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Stephie Boots said...

Sorry to hear about poor Timmy :( glad you still managed to enjoy meeting all the players though!xxx