When you make a conscious choice to be happy, no one can take it away from you because no one gave it to you: you gave it to yourself.

A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Sunny salutations to you!

I love this weather, you'll hear no moans about it being too hot from me. I spent yesterday laid out on my lounger in my yard. Radio on. Book in hand. Baxter trying to lick the suncream off my legs! Yep. I had a ball. Better to rest that way than up on my bed. 

So my desk is a mess. Okay some of you will say it's not but it is to me cos you know I do tidy - 

So the right side is a tip. My birthday album is under there waiting for me to finish it off. There's stamps and card and stuff.

Window side there's some print out cards that I designed on Craft Artist Pro. My mate asked me to do them for him. Then there's some pattern colouring. Yep I love them. Nice and relaxing and giving me a break from colouring for my notebooks. 

That's is from me, head over to Julia's WOYWW kingdom to link up and join in. Or just nose. We don't mind!

Today I'm chilling. Few jobs to do. I may sit out later. Or not. But I thought I'd finish this post with this pic of my Keagan out painting my new bench. I bought it with birthday money from my 40th. 
He spent all Monday afternoon out up the garden getting it done for me. It's now in my yard. I'm lucky to have a long garden (my parents are keen gardeners so they look after the grass & flower beds!) and an enclosed yard that's a good size. I enjoy taking Baxter up the garden he loves exploring and chasing tennis balls, but the yard is private and not overlooked as such so it's nice to sit out and read in peace.

Enjoy the weather! Take care Zo xx


Annie said...

I'm a tidy crafter too so I really love your creative space. :-) Enjoy the sunshine.
Annie x # 20

J said...

Pleased to hear you are enjoying the good weather, relaxing in the garden with a book is something I love too, although over here being in the shade is a must at this time of year.
Jan. no 41

Unknown said...

Oh, I hope you share your birthday album! I'm thinking of doing one this year. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #46

Lunch Lady Jan said...

You can keep this heat!! Lol, I'm glad someone's enjoying it :-). Your new bench is fab, Keagan did a great job painting it. Your garden looks lovely...I virtually live outdoors in the summer too. We had to put up the gazebo over the patio though, as it just was too hot. But I'm sitting in a slight breeze at the moment and it's gorgeous!
Love those colouring books...I'm tempted to have a go but don't think I've got enough patience!
Hugs, LLJ 7 xxxx

April said...

Happy Birthday. Love your new bench!
April #50

Barb said...

Colouring books for adults seem very popular now. My friend was doing it at our club on Monday. I think we all love to colour. It brings back happy childhood memories. It sounds as if you'll have another sunny day to enjoy tomorrow. Have fun. Barb xx #36

Lisca said...

Oh I do love those 'colouring books for adults' as i call them. What is lying on your desk is really beautiful!
What a lovely bench! Great that keanan is sorting that for you.
Enjoy the warm weather,
Have a great week,