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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Another tick off the list - Tattoo!!

We all have one. You know, that list of things we would like to do, see, places to go, that whatever you call it type list.

I'm no different. As my health has deteriorated I have come to terms with the fact that some of the things on my list really aren't achievable now. But they haven't been deleted. No. Because in the future there may be a way. Who knows. But as I approach 40 (next May) I'm determined to start ticking a few things off that list and to stop letting life pass me by.

So a few months ago I booked up to have my second tattoo (yes I already have one!!). My first I had done when I was 21. It's a small cartoon tropical fish positioned to look like it has swam out of my belly button! But I wanted a different idea this time, I've always wanted to have Keagan's name incorporated but didn't want it to be a usual type name thing. I spent months looking at ideas and then on Pinterest one day I came across this image, it was posted in different colours, and it jumped at me. Blue (for Bristol Rovers), Paris skyline and inky watercolour in style. Perfect.

So I took the jpeg into CraftArtist and added Keagan's name in a font I liked. My tattoo. There are a number of tattooists round here but Max has been in the industry for years and I know his wife. So today I went round and had it done. It didn't hurt, scratched really.

 Took this as Max started.

Took this as soon as I got home so only about half an hour after finished. It's a bit swollen but it will settle. The blue is a bit brighter but that's because it will fade down a bit.  It does go round one side of my wrist so part is seen when my arm is turned over. I love it! 

Just wanted to share it with you all and will post another pic once it's settled.
Take care Zo xx


Kirsty.A said...

Wow! That's not something I could ever do but I love the style you have chosen.

Kate said...

Brave lady! It looks very nice, did laugh that it had to be Rovers Blue. I don't know you that well, but that sounds like something you would insist on!


C'est La-Vie Designs Unlimited, LLC said...

Awesome! New follower from Pinterest. I pinned your smash book of the copic combos.

La-Vie B.
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okienurse said...

Awesome! You know at 62y I am more open to what I want and don't. I want a tattoo but DH and I argue over it so it isn't worth it right now...still on the list and when something jumps out at me I will go get it done! I have been busy it seems all summer and just now getting around to commenting on the whole months worth of comments on my blog. Hope you have had a good summer. Looking good at the friends wedding! Vicke #75 this week