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A quote from April Green's - Bloom For Yourself Journal

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WOYWW 170 - sunshine

Good morning!

My boy's first day back at school, YR 9, and it still doesn't get easier - the whole getting back to getting up earlier lark & then that 'mum' feeling deep in the pit of your stomach when they walk out the door and all you want to do is pull them back for a hug, yeah that! 

Anyway desk time - 

Sunshine, oh yes, lots of it to compliment the rather full & bit disorganised desk that is mine this morning.

I'm going to make my good friend a card today, and have decided to go down the whole Sue Wilson, Spellbinders route, hence the Cuttlebug, folder of dies, embossing folder and huge pack of neutral card that Sue seems to turn into.....well, gorgeous-ness!

So my friendly desk hoppers, I hope you have popped over to our great leader and all time desk show-er Julia's to link up, if not, get moving, that list is ever growing.

I was pleased last week that I managed to get round a few of you, not loads but many more than I have been lately so that was good. I will try to match that or even beat it this week, we shall see!

Take care Zo xx


Pop's Cards said...

Thats really tidy sweetie x x x

VonnyK said...

It's always weird when they go back to school isn't it, but they always get home a few hours later, starving hungry and it's as if they never left. I find the getting up early the hardest part now, my eldest two are 21 and 20, so only little miss 11 year old left at school. It looks like you have plenty to keep you busy with all those goodies on your desk. Enjoy the peace while you can and have a great week.
Von #58

Inkypinkycraft said...

Your desk looks tidy but creatively so!! Mine went yesterday, glad it's not just me who finds it hard!!! Have a creative week trace x

Helen said...

Busy looking desk, hope you get the card done! Happy WOYWW, Helen, 52

Sandra Botham said...

Loving your space, looks full of crafty delights today and the sunshine sure helps. My Daughter went back today into year 9 too :( growing up really fast.
Sandra. xx

Rita said...

What a lovely tidy desk. Hugs Rita xx

Di said...

Hi Zo, aw bless - you're a great Mum! OK honey, so show your Sue Wilson results pronto - I love a lot of her cards and have the tools but not the flair :)

Happy WOYWW! Hugs, Di xx

emma mitchell said...

Hi Zoe , I know that feeling my eldest started back to yr8 today , He just didn't want to get up , either did I for that matter lol.
Can't wait to see what fab creation you come up with for your friend's card .
Hugs Emma xx

Redanne said...

A little more time for crafting though, maybe if you are feeling up to it. Your desk looks quite tidy to me. Enjoy making a 'Sue' type card. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #47

lisa said...

I might be on my own here, but I love these longer days, I've got so much done, although it is very quiet!!
The sunshine is wonderful isn't it, I hope it lasts a bit longer.
Enjoy your spellbinder frenzy.
Hugs Lisax 105

Darnell said...

Lovely to see the sun shining in and I'm sure the card for your friend ended up being - well, gorgeous-ness, too!

Thanks for coming by to visit me earlier! Have a great week! Darnell #93

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I know, school nerves are dreadful, for them and us! I was really nervous going back to work myself..but a couple of days in and it's like I never left!!
Hope you have enjoyed your spellbinder crafting!
Hugs, LLJ #81 xx

Danielle said...

Looks like you have the makings ready for a nice card. Enjoy your play time. dani 137

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Cant go wrong with a spellbinders type card that's for sure!

Daniella said...

I understand Zo! My boys had their first day too! 7th grade and 11th grade. The 11th grade boy will be able to drive next month!! What the heck? How did this happen Zo! I feel your pain.
Your desk is awesome, and your card will be too!!

Daniella said...

Hi Zo. I just left a tear filled comment about our boys going to school and your desk and blogger said I wasn't signed it, so I signed in and my comment is gone :(
Hopefully you got it!!

Cath Davidson said...

Awh I know, so hard after having them at home for so long. I've to take my daughter back to Uni on Sunday and I'm dreading it as I won't see her now until Christmas:(

Hope crafting fills your day until he's home :) x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Zo, your boy will be back home by now and he has no doubt survived the rigours of first day back. My middle granddaughter started her first year at secondary a couple of weeks ago - this is Scotland so an early start to the term - and she has settled in well, thank goodness. It's always a stressful time.

Your desk is not the neat and pristine space I've come to expect, but I can see that you need all that stuff out if you are going to make a full-on Sue Wilson - good luck :)

Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment. Happy WOYWW, hope you have a lovely week. Elizabeth x #90

okienurse said...

Wonder what kind of stories he had when he came home today? It is hard to let them go and it isn't easy when they move off either. My son lives 1500 miles away and I get to see him and the two grandbabies maybe once every year or two. Love your desk today. I stay busy making cards and doing things to keep my mind off the family being so far away AND of course I have the girls and guys here at WOYWW! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment! Vickie #66

ScrappnBee said...

Congrats on getting the boy off to school! That isnt a messy desk, that is creativity in motion ;) Thanks for popping by and visiting! Have a great WOYWW! -Amanda #161

...the yorkshire fox... said...

...a productive looking desk Zoe and a super collection of pens too, it's such a wrench that first day back of term, I too used to hate it when they went back, your not alone Zoe, it'll be half term before you know it...thanks for dropping by me, hope you have a super week...Mel :)

Gillian .... said...

Was nice to stop by and see the sun shining on your workspace, hope you have a creative week! Gillian #89

Amy E said...

Oh Zo...I used to feel the same way when my kids would start back to school each year. I just wanted them to myself for a little longer. Now that they're grown, they know they have to start hugging me about 30 minutes before they plan to leave, since it's going to take them that long to ply my arms off of them! Haha!!

Congrats on finding the badge! WOW!! I couldn't hardly see it in the pic, and I knew where to look! You have a keen eye!

Amy E. #36

Laura (Bookworm) said...

Hope you had fun with your planned project! Today was our first day back, too. Little one fell asleep pretty quickly tonight and I won't be awake much longer myself. Happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #133

Unknown said...

Love your sunny messy workspace!
Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment.
Happy belated WOYWW BarbaraBee # 148

Neet said...

My how your boy is growing up, before long it will be year 11 an then moving on to yet another chapter. My friend's little girl went to school yesterday for the first time, she was so excited but hadn't realised it was for the next 12 years at last! She thought it was only a tiny experience!
Nice to see your desk bathed in sunshine.
Take care, crafting helps while away the time.
Hugs, Neet 84 xx

Neesie said...

Hey Zo...I made it!
Apologies for being so late but then I always seem to be late :$
Oh I know that Mum feeling and let me tell never goes away. My two are 27 and 20 now and I still get it!
Good Luck to your son for a successful year :D

That sunshine streaming in onto your desk looks wonderful.
Have a great weekend whatever you have planned (footy maybe?)
Happy WOYWW Neesie #13

Tertia said...

That ray of sunshine is wonderful, i would pay to be able to sit there and craft. I am sick of the cold now and wish Spring would actually decide to come now.
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia #70

Unknown said...

My grandson went to secondary school this week. It gets scary and I miss him already. Hoping you show the card you have planned. Have a great weekend.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Zo, yep finally made it over here!! and yes saw your full Spellbinder card - well done! love the way the muted colour makes them stand out!! Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #48