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Monday, 4 January 2016

Creative Together - A Book Art project.

So I wanted to share with you all one of the items I have for sell over at CREATIVE TOGETHER

I've recently taught myself how to do the Book Art technique and can now design my own designs to book fold. 

The design is created first as a silhouette in my Craft Artist 2 Pro.

Then once the silhouette is finished I load it into the Book Art software, entering details about the book I'm using. This creates measurements for each page.

Then the fun bit - actually folding the pages. I'm very methodical and will count the pages working out the starting and finishing points so that I get the design right. Then it's a case of measuring each page and folding it. I also glue the folds as I go. 

At the end I decide whether to tie a ribbon around the book or not. Sometimes the design looks better left simple. Other times the book needs to be in a certain position so that it doesn't topple over with the weight of the folds. Tying a ribbon around it helps to not only keep it in place but adds an acent too.

Here's a finished book folded to spell out Read and it's for sale in our shop here - Book Art/READ

Hope you enjoyed this 'behind the scenes' type post. I will feature more of our products over the weeks to come.

Take care Zo x

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