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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Celebrating for my friend - An Author with a tale to tell!

Just a quick post to share some news with you all. My best friend Kath has been writing for years. She enjoys telling stories and loves writing especially historical fiction. Many years ago she told me about an idea she had so I told her to write it!
Well she did and I'm so excited and delighted to say her novel will be released very soon. In fact she has just revealed the cover artwork over on her blog.
So I thought I'd share it here - 
Kath goes by the pen name of Mary Anne Yarde. You can read about her writing journey HERE
In fact I think you really ought to cos yours truly gets mentioned a few times!! 

You can follow Mary Anne Yarde news on her Facebook page and on Twitter
She also has a website

I just had to celebrate this news with you all because I'm pretty darned proud of my bestie. Can you tell? 
Take care Zo xx

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Mary Anne Yarde said...

Now you've gone and made me cry!! xx