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Monday, 11 January 2016

Behind the Scenes - Decorative Boxes - Creative Together

Good Morning everyone - I thought I'd pop in and share another 'behind the scenes' type post with you.

This time I asked Lisa to take some pics as she made the flowers to decorate the boxes we sell over at CREATIVE TOGETHER

Lisa punches and layers the flowers by hand - a time consuming task, but one I know Lisa enjoys and of course, it makes each box that bit more special in my opinion.

Lisa uses different punches to create each flower. She typically uses two colours.

Once Lisa has shaped each flower using a ball tool she begins to place the first layer of flowers onto the box.

Each flower is placed, layered and glued before the final touch of adding a crystal to the centre of each.

You can find all of the decorative boxes we sell in the Decorative Boxes category of the shop.

I hope you like these 'behind the scenes' posts. Please let me know if you wish to see something specific, however I will continue to post about our creations over the following weeks.

Take care Zo x

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