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The wonderful world of Zoe is what I hope to share with you all here on my blog. Life isn't always easy, but then that's the case whoever you are. But no matter what each day brings I always try to start and end it with a smile - to look back and know I controlled my day, the day didn't control me!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Well hello desk dashers I'm here this happy Wednesday to share my desk with you.

Pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see what this is all about and join in!

So my desk - 
 Right side as usual -  home of lots of pens. That's my colouring journal (Smash Book) that I started when I first took a colouring class online with Kit and Clowder. I often practice my colouring and keep examples in there. I also write down colour combos I love too.
The window side is fairly tidy. My latest WIP book art and my open notebook where I'm planning my blog posts. The book with the magnifying glass on it is my Daily Q & A journal which gives me prompts and questions. I decided to start using them on here.

My daily Q & A journal asks -

What expression do you overuse?

Not sure it's a proper expression but Keagan and I decided I say, 
'Boo, come here!' 
It's Keagan's nickname and I'm usually asking him to look at something or shouting for help!

What about you? What do you say often?!

Take care Zo xx 


Annie said...

I'm chuckling at the thought that you plan your blog posts....mine are very much what's in my head at the time and what I can get down in print in 5 mins flat hehehe.
I have had a think and I guess my most over used word would be...arrrrgh. Is it a word? Does it count? It's the noise I make when I get up and when I bend down to pick things up. I seem to remember starting to make it a few years back now and have a feeling it's a word that comes with age :-)
Have a great week.
Annie x # 11

AliWade said...

Hi, Zoe. Hope you are reasonably well - and son/dog are happy. I am back in the world of WOYWW and determined to actually do some crafting. You have got a lovely and organised desk as usual. I have treated myself to some colouring books recently (and got a link to a free one - must blog that on here), so will dust down my pencils this week (sold all of my alcohol markers many months ago). An expression I overuse - probably my Jack Russell's name, Buzz ! Ali x #33

AliWade said...

Just remembered that I have already blogged about the free colouring book! (My brain fog has not improved.) Here is the link

Annie Claxton said...

Wow you are so organised and I am well jell of all those pens! :o) Happy WOYWW Annie C #35

Neet said...

Cant think of a word I use often. Nope, nothing coming. Unless it is 'thank you' when the other half brings me a cuppa. Or maybe it is "you wanna brew" which is probably what I say if I am making tea.
Lovely array of colouring mediums - they do look nice like that - mine are always covered up but you prompt me to show you all the wonderful pencil set he bought me last Christmas.
Hope you are feeling well.
Hugs, Neet 13 xx

Barb said...

Hi Zoe, I think my life would be much easier if I was as organised as you. My goodness you do have lots of pens and I thought I had a lot. Thank you for your visit and leaving a comment. Have a lovely week. Barbxx #34

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Wow, you're so organized with your blog posts. I guess, I do some sort of planning as well, but I never write it down. I go on long walks in the morning after droping my son at school, and I often make plans and formulate my thoughts then and post them on my blog when I get home. Lovely desk - you have so many pens! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #36

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hello lovely gal! I do envy folk like you who are so is something to which I aspire but never attain. I'm just not that way out :-)
Bet you're making the most of 'Boo' before he heads off to Jockey school...
Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

lisa said...

Now that's far too organise, Zoe planning blog posts. I just start and see what happens, usually, which is exactly how I craft, says a lot probably.
My Hubby would say my favourite expression would be "Oh these flippin cupboards" It's a standing joke in our house that when i open a cupboard stuff falls out.
Thanks for popping by earlier.
hugs Lisax #19

Karon said...

Not so much an expression - but I constantly say - "be there in a minute" and the word "thingy" which goes for most things these days that I forget the name for LOL! :-)

sue jones said...

Love that pen organisation :) Thanks for the earlier visit . Have a great week. Soojay xx

Angela Radford said...

I'm sure I've said it before but I just love the way your pens are organised, no searching needed there. Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x

Julia Dunnit said...

Well how super organised are you! I have no plans for blogging, it all just comes out when I sit down and then I have to edit it until it makes any sense. Every now and then I get an idea for a post, but more often than not, that idea gets lost in the writing and it becomes a post about something else!! I don't now about phrase (probably something heathen like Oh My God), but my most used word is Darling. For that's what I call me Bart and Me Miss Dunnit!

Sue said...

Hi Zoe, I love how organised you are.

I say 'Love' far too often. The minute the L forms my brain is screaming STOP, but it is too late:)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I notice you are now #31, not 32. Think someone must have deleted themselves, as I was 23, but now 22:)

Sue #22

Shoshi said...

What a brilliant collection of pens, Zoe! I think seeing that every day would brighten my day and make me feel extra cheerful - a real rainbow of colour! I don't organise blog posts - I just blog when I've made soemthing or got something to say, and my fingers do the rest lol!! I'm a most undisciplined bod these days!

A phrase I've been using far too much lately is "wiped out" but hopefully that is soon going to change, after my final chemo on Friday! I have to go through the normal recovery but it will be with the knowledge that it won't be leading to yet another treatment, but the beginning of the journey towards feeling very much better, and back to "normal" at least for me - with M.E. I know my limitations! I am feeling very upbeat and positive about the future.

Thank you for your visit and your lovely comment - so glad you like my desk - and I'm very grateful for the lovely healing hugs!

Here's a hug back.


Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #38

Helen said...

NOt sure I could repeat what I say most often.. lol!! good luck with your blog planning, how organised! (I did see the reasons behind this, but am still impressed at the planning. ) Helen #5

Bridget Larsen said...

Well you signed your comment as x32 so we have all visited Ali's blog instead of yours your neat work place. I dont have a favourite phrase that I can think of
Bridget #1

Lisca Meijer said...

O ought to do that: plan my blogs in a little book. I do plan my blogs as i do one every day, but I write it on pieces of paper, which inevitably get lost...
You are super organised! Thanks for mentioning where you did a course on coloring. I've had a look and it looks like something I'd like to do. (Now I only have to find the time....)
Thanks for visiting already,
Have a good week,

Liz said...

Your colourful collection of pens always looks wonderful Zoe, I just wish I had your colouring skills.
I'm not sure I have an expression I particularly say often. Hopefully the word I will say most this season will be Yeeeeessssss! every time the Rovers score a goal at the Mem! ;-) xx

Sofie Vandersmissen said...

I love your wall of coloring pencils!

Greetings, Sofie #46

Nikki C said...

Love all your pens and it's funny when I colour sometimes just by grabbing colours and using what ever I grab sometimes the combo works while other times I'm wondering wtf was I thinking lol hugs Nikki 7

Marit said...

Wow, you do have many pens! Love all the colors! and you have me puzzling now: "What do I say often...?" Can't think of anything right now and my sweetie is still sleeping, I bet he knows when I ask him, LOL! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #28

sandra de said...

No plans for blogging... I usually have a few minutes spare take a pic and blog. Short and sweet. A saying that I often repeat "How quickly has this week gone by?"
sandra de @9

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Zoe, oh to be that organised to write out plans and ideas, my friend does and even though I have heaps of notebooks, they're mostly blank...guess I'd better make some use of them. Great stash of colours there...enjoy your week Cheers RobynO#24

Stacy Sheldon said...

oh wow the book is a great idea. ( I fully intend to finish one of those classes I bought someday)
I got stalled on the print something part. so, anyways this is a fun peek into your space. :)
~Stacy #50

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Zo,
What a nice, tidy workspace! Great idea that you write down the color combinations that you like. Also, using journal prompts for you blog - another GREAT idea. As for phrases I use often. I can't think of any off the top of my head. haaa

Happy belated WOYWW
Kay (41)

Twiglet said...

You are always so neat and tidy Zoe - just pop round and create a nice organised sewing room out of my chaos will you - please?!! x Jo

Tilly Tea Dance said...

I wish i could be more organised and plan my blog posts. Maybe then I'd be able to manage more than my weekly wednesday blog. Even that is a case of flying by the seat of my pants!! Love your pens too! Thanks for stopping by my desk, Max #47

Elizabeth said...

You plan your blog posts? I'm impressed, Zoe. Maybe I should plan but I never do, which is probably the reason why they take more time than they should to put together ... I'd never be able to write to a deadline :) Phrase I over use - it's got to be 'Oh, dear!'. I used it so much that when my youngest was a baby her older brother thought her name was Deeah because my response to every time she cried was, 'Oh, dear, what's wrong sweety'. It could have been worse ... he could have called her Sweety! Now, I say it to The Boss when she is meowing :) Thanks for popping in earlier. Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #56

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by, Zo! I love all the pretty colors. Always inspired just looking at your marker collection.

My saying... "Crumb Cookies" Creative Blessings! Kelly #42

RosA said...

I am in awe of all your gorgeous coloured pens! I guess they are Copics?
I don't have any but am thinking of buying some Spectrum Noir markers, a cheaper version of Copics, but you probably already know that :)
Have a good week,

Kyla said...

Loving your new look blog, a lot of work I imagine, but really enjoying it.

Diane Baker-Williams said...

I want to plan my blog posts but lesson planning takes much of my time. It's motivating to read that you are about to do it. As for what expression do I overuse? I'm sue I'll think of it as soon I hit " publish your comment". Thank you for the visit earlier this week. Diane # 25