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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Meeting The Queen

Before anyone gets excited I confess I haven't actually met the Queen. Maybe one day!

I'm saying this as my daily Q & A journal asks - 

What famous living person would you like to meet?

I've always been interested in the Royal family. The Queen along with Princes William and Harry and now, of course, The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George are who I like to read about and see what they have been up to, but anyone with royalty in them is of interest.

If I did meet The Queen I think I would ask her how she balances life as a public servant with her own private life and does she feel that the two are actually separate? 
We know so much about them that even their private lives are played out on the internet and in the papers. 

I would also ask her if there is anything she wishes she had done differently? Do I think she would answer that, I'm not so sure she would.  

I do love that we know she writes a daily diary. One day that maybe made public or just snippets. I'm sure her diary will give unbelievable insight to her life.

What famous living person would you like to meet?

Take care Zo xx 

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