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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

More colouring fun - blond & brown

Good morning, how are we?

Well the chaos has started, well hopefully as I'm scheduling this, so I'm hoping the kitchen units turned up on Monday and as you are reading this, the man should be busy ripping out the old kitchen! I've taken before shots and will take pictures during the whole process and blog once all is finished so you can all see the old, during and new kitchen!

Right at the weekend I started a little colouring project using my Spectrum Noirs.  On Sunday I shared my findings with skin tones and red hair. Today, I'm sharing my findings with blond and normal brown hair with the skin tones.

So blond hair, I used

Here's the group shot of blond haired Tilda's.
 And here's the individual pictures showing the different skin tones working (or not!) with the blond hair.

It's funny how changing the skin tone can really change the image, some look so much nicer than others and I'm sure this will change depending on the colour of clothes too.

OK now here's the brown hair, I went for a mid brown, but of course, you change it by using more or less of the lighter or darker colours to get different shades of brown.

I used this combination

And here's the group and individual pictures of Tilda with brown hair.

I'm really enjoying this little project, not only is it helping me to understand colouring hair and skin tones but it's helping me to choose better options so that my characters will look healthier and more realistic.

I'm playing with dark brown and a golden brown next. Will share them later in the week.

Thanks for popping by, take care Zo xx


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that i am new to it all and could do with help like the numbers for skin and hair xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i will write these down and hope they help me xxxxxxxxxx Thank you xxxxxxx

Michaela said...

That's really handy. I will try to match it somehow with my promarkers. Just wondering what kind of colour is EB1?
Michaela xx

CraftygasheadZo said...

EB1 is Earth Brown 1, it's a really pale, almost milky in tone similar to somewhere between Ivory & Satin but not a pinky tone. Glad it helps x