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The wonderful world of Zoe is what I hope to share with you all here on my blog. Life isn't always easy, but then that's the case whoever you are. But no matter what each day brings I always try to start and end it with a smile - to look back and know I controlled my day, the day didn't control me!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sunday Show & Tell. Colouring green with pencils.

Like many of us, I love to colour. And yes, I seem to collect various mediums to feed my hobby. Now anyone who knows me will know my preference is Copic markers. And I promise I will share tutorials using them. But today I thought I would just share colouring leaves with Spectrum Noir pencils.

I started colouring the back cover of my new colouring book and thought why not take pics to show you what I do.

 So I chose these four pencils. I always choose at least 3 colours. A dark, medium & light but will often choose 4 or 5 to get a good effect.
This is what I've done so far and here's how I did it!

 So I start with the darkest. I don't over think it when doing relaxing colouring. I just put the darkest where I want the leaf to be dark!
 Then I use the next pencil going over the dark using small circular motion.
 Then the next doing the same as above.
Then I go over it all with the very lightest. To get a smooth look I use a blender pencil over the leaf to finish.

And that people really is all I do! 

When colouring with any medium I follow this same idea choosing 4 or 5 colours from dark to lightest. Some mediums like Copics I work light to dark while with pencils I work dark to light! There really aren't any strict rules. Go with what you feel suits you best.

Enjoy colouring! 
Take care Zo xx


Bev said...

It's really Interesting to see how other people work. I always start light lol fab job tho Zoe x

Kyla said...

You always make it look so easy!!

Neet said...

Thanks for that - and I didn't expect it to be with pencil crayons. I have a great set so will be able to have a go at this now.
Hugs, Neet xx