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Wednesday, 17 April 2013



I must apologise for my lack of activity here in blog land, but there is something quite exciting happening at the moment. Those of you who are in contact with me elsewhere will know, but I can reveal that we are having a new addition to the family (no, I am not pregnant!). His name is Baxter and he will be coming home with us on Sunday. He is a companion dog and is a Terrier X. He's a little gentleman who is 7, so an older dog, but that fact suits me as he doesn't need the high levels of physical activity like a much younger dog does. I've spent a lot of time visiting him to allow us to get to know each other. And, of course, we've been getting things at home ready for his arrival. Here's a quick picture that I took last Thursday - 

More about Baxter when he gets home, but I wanted you all to know why I've been a bit distant and rubbish at visiting!

Now to my desk - 

So, the right side sees the usual suspects there as well as a pile of uncut stamps and some strips of scrap paper!

Window side sees a few things on the go, so here's a closer look -

A stamped image that I have coloured then there's the pile of Bamboo 3D cards at the front that I've made up and that need envelopes. Then at the back there's my new Smash Book that I've decided to dedicate to Baxter! I've already put his name on it and have put a couple of photos inside the cover as well as a pocket to put the leaflets my vet has sent me.

So there you go, next week I may be able to show you who is in my craft room, though Baxter is too little to get on to my desk!!

Make sure you visit Julia - The Stamping Ground to link up and gain access to the worldwide wonder of wonderful work desks!!
Take care Zo xx


Helen said...

Hope Baxter settles in quickly when he arrives, enjoy the companionship! Happy Crafting. Helen 12

Di said...

Oh Zo, Baxter is absolutely gorgeous! How exciting!!

Happy WOYWW, honey - I'm not playing today due to other things going on but had to leave a comment about your new little companion :)

Hugs, Di xx

Cardarian said...

Oh what a lovely addition to your family! And he is getting a smash book too! Your desk shows that there has been some activity!
Lots of hugs,

Christine said...

Great news about Baxter, hope you will both be very happy.
Yeah! I know you will!

Bishopsmate #65

Kyla said...

Fabulous, such a tidy space again!
Love the cocktail girl stamped image (whose is it?).


Kyla #113

Ria Gall said...

Oh Baxter looks a lovely gentle lad and I am sure he is going to be very happy with you. Our pets become our babies and they give so much comfort. They also don't care how your day has been they are just so excited to see you. ENJOY
Have a great WOYWW today and enjoy the rest of your week
Ria #40

Eliza said...

Good for you, pets are wonderful no matter what age they are and he looks like a total delight, I am sure you both will be tickled pink with each other. Give him a hug from me.

Eliza 46

Claire said...

he looks adorable! and he has his own smashbook already, the lucky boy - i'm sure you'll fill it in no time!
happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
i overslept, so no. 21 this week!

Helen said...

How lovely a new addition to the family. I am sure Baxter will be good as gold and happy to keep you company while you craft. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 92

Alison Scott said...

Isn't he handsome.
His smashbook will be full soon.
Enjoy getting to know him.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love that you're making a smash book for Baxter! I'm almost as excited as you are! How lovely that you can give him a happy home, so pleased for you all :)
Hugs, LLJ 37 xxxx

Liz Black said...

Awww he looks so sweet! I bet you can't wait to get him home. Have fun together and thanks for sharing. Happy Woyww Liz@73

Shazsilverwolf said...

Love those stamped images- very unusual! Congratulations on Baxter, so you'll have a four legged crafting helpmate soon, lol. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #70 xx

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Zoe
Aww how cute is he, there is nothing quite like the companionship of a canine friend. I wouldn't be without my Rosie even though she drives me nuts sometimes.
The stamps look really interesting.... very inusual

Darnell J Knauss said...

Zo, I'm so happy that you and Baxter have found each other! He will be an amazing companion dog and how sweet that you already have a Smash book started for him!!

Thanks for coming by to visit me! I wish you a wonderful week! Darnell #32

sandee said...

Well, I expect we can see more pictures of Baxter soon! How nice to be adopting him he looks like a real sweetheart! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Debs Willis said...

Zo, Baxter looks lovely, how great that you will have a companion dog! I expect to see inky pawprints as he learns to craft with his new friend :-) Or maybe you could use his tail as a new paint applicator - the possibliities are endless!

Happy woyww
Debs #75

Tertia said...

Baxter looks like a lovely dog, I am sure you will get on very well. Love that stamp you coloured and the 3D cards look interesting too.
Happy very belated WOYWW!
Tertia #26