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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Baxter's first week

Afternoon everyone, hope you are all enjoying your weekend?!

Thought I'd pop by and share a few photos from Baxter's first week home with me. Can you believe that he's been here a whole week!!

He's settled well; there's been a few issues but they've mainly come from my early day errors rather than Baxter. I'm learning all the time and feel much calmer now and more confident that I'm doing the best for him. So here is my Baxter boy! - 

It's amazing how daily grooming has made his coat shine, how having lots of space and stairs to go up and down have seen him slim down a bit (he was a bit over weight) and how he's grown in confidence around us and how he trusts us. He's found his favourite space, obviously it isn't where I put his bed etc! The landing! Why didn't I guess that, so I have now put his blanket and cushion out there. He still curls up on his bed in my craft room and still likes to bury toys in his hidey under the snooker table but he snoozes/sleeps on the landing.

I soon learnt that I needed a gate between the back room and hallway, he is far quicker than me and there's no way I could get him back from the door to answer it safely without him darting out so a gate has been installed and I can now answer the front door with peace of mind. We've learnt to shut doors while here so he doesn't bother when we shut them to go out. We've found he loves his space and prefers not to be shut in 1 room for too long so we don't shut him in when we go out, we just only make rooms available we are happy for him to go in. I'm learning how much food to put out and recognising his little signals and noises.

As a first time dog owner, I'm pleased I have an older dog and already know I couldn't cope with a puppy or younger dog. I'm pleased I've given him a chance to enjoy a loving home. I've read lots this past week, learning many ways to get the best from your dog but I know at the end of the day as long as I do my best then that will be good enough!

Take care Zo xx


JoZart said...

aaaawwwhh!! He's so lovely and so are you. He's one lucky fella to be homed with you and I know you'll get so much in return for all the love and care you are putting in.
Jo x

Deb's Pen Pot said...

Lush, lush, lush! I've just shown Dad the pics and he says he's so pleased it's going well for you both. Have a good week, love me xxx

Neesie said...

Baxter Boy looks like he's really settled in are doing everything right by the look of it so don't worry.
When we got Muffy (she was our first dog) I felt just the same as you, but now we are inseperable and know each other so well. She's like my shadow and I'm sure it will be the same for you too.
It's incredible how much unconditional love they give, so don't stress just enjoy having him around.
Baxter's switched on so he'll let you know if he agrees with what you're doing! Or not as the case may be! ^..^
Have fun xoxo

Alison Scott said...

He has definitely got his feet (and all his toys! ) under the table at yours. ;-)