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The wonderful world of Zoe is what I hope to share with you all here on my blog. Life isn't always easy, but then that's the case whoever you are. But no matter what each day brings I always try to start and end it with a smile - to look back and know I controlled my day, the day didn't control me!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

My new wheels!

I don't often post too much about me, snippets are said to those of you I 'talk' with often and I let bits filter through. Many of you have no clue as to my circumstances, and that's fine, I want you to see the happy, bubbly talkative Zoe. But today I want to share something that has happened. We all make conscience choices in life. Some good, some bad. But sometimes we don't do ourselves any favours by our choices. Now many of you know I've been a bit distant, not joining in as much as I would normally. Well I just couldn't, things have been tough, physically, mentally and emotionally draining but that's cool, cos that's what happens. Up until recently I've been a stubborn cow!

Yes you read that right.....darn right stubborn. Not giving in to things, being Miss-I-can-manage, but do you know this weekend I realised that by being this way I was missing out on so many things. I can't walk far, I have spells every day where I can hardly walk at all, but I've fought on. Saying no to so many trips out, not going places because I knew I wouldn't be able to walk around and therefore I'd spoil it for everyone else who can.  That changed this weekend, I used a wheelchair for the first time. My boy pushed me the entire seafront of where we were. It was amazing. I really enjoyed the experience of sharing that with my boy. Usually I'd have sat on a bench somewhere while the rest went off. So I decided I was going to get myself a set of wheels.

This is the picture of the chair I bought.  Blue, of course! Light weight and modern.  At the shop today both mum and my boy practised folding and lifting it, and both declared it to be light and easy to manage. We even had our first outing this afternoon, only along the road to a friend's but it was fun! 

So there you are, my new wheels. There'll be no stopping us now. Lesson learned too; being a stubborn cow isn't always the best idea!

Take care Zo xx


Elizabeth said...

Good for you! Now let the fun begin: As someone who sometimes struggles to walk myself and who has been tempted to get a walking aid on occasions, I heartily commend your decision. You go girl!!!

Hugs, Elizabeth x

PS: I fancy one of those scooters, myself :))

McCrafty's Cards said...

My Heather was exactly the same, it was only after a number of bad falls that she gave in,at least you can go out and enjoy the same things as everyone else, and not be totally worn out.
Kevin xx

Cass said...

So where are the 'go faster' stripes? Surely it needs some crafty work on it as it should reflect its owner ;-))


Elaine said...

You go Girl fabulous Zoe, you can now experience anything you wish , your son is also fabulous to help you along.
Have fun and enjoy Hugs Elaine

Karen said...

Good for you sweetheart - I realise what this has cost you emotionally hun. I started using my wheelchair in February for outings with the kidlets and hubby.. but it does mean I get those outings instead of staying home.

I'm so happy to be reading this post in more ways than one! :0)
Chin up girl and give yourself a pat on the back.
Love n hugs,

Katie said...

Reading this post made me smile Zo...I see many more adventures in your future and I couldn't be happier for you! Can't wait to see where life, and your new wheels, take you next :). Hugs, Katie

Dee's Craft Room said...

Congratulations Zo. I am sure it was a tough decision, none of us likes to admit that we cannot do 'it', but I think that you have made the right choice.

I say bring on the fun and yes to being part of things again!

Dionne xx

Di said...

Good for you Zo - a brave move and one you won't regret. I think the comment about a motorised one next could be something to think about :)

Hugs, Di xx

debby4000 said...

I know how hard this was, one of the hardest things is accepting you can't do it anymore.
My Mum refused point blank to use a wheelchair and as missed out so much. I was not going to do that but it was still hard the first few time I went out in a wheelchair but it does get easier. But watch out for family members trying to see how fast they can go with you in it!

Ann B said...

Well done Zoe for accepting the chair, it must have been hard for you but it must have opened up the world again. Wonder how long it will be before the chair takes on a slightly different look - maybe a few tags, flowers, ribbons etc.
Ann B

Li'l Pidge said...

Brilliant, a hard step to take but one that I am sure you will see open up new horizons (or at least sea fronts!!). Congrats, and of course, it had to be blue!

Kyla #52

Neesie said...

Good for you Zo,
I realised something wasn't quite right and now wish I'd have visited sooner. I'm so glad that you've made this decision because you and your boy can now go on adventures together! ;D
We have to make the best of everything no matter what that takes.
Have fun my friend and we'll look forward to hearing all about your outings! :D