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Friday, 31 August 2012

Colouring red hair - 2nd part of my tutorial

Hello hope this Friday finds you well.

The other day I shared my way of colouring skin using Copics so today I'm back to show you how I colour red hair - not ginger or auburn but proper bright red!

Red is usually a difficult colour to create depth and shade, it can be hard working it to get the right light but this is what I do - can't say it's the right or wrong way, just Zoe's way!

Same as the skin I work light to dark then back again. Each picture shows the pen I've just coloured so you can see what I've done.

So now I've gone light to dark, now I work backwards blending.

Because of my light source this side of hair doesn't have the light on it exactly but I still want to have a slight shine to it so I colour nearly it all only leaving a small bit.

I then use E0000 to fade the red into a light area but it takes the bright whiteness away.

Then I sharpen it with the red again, so now I have a shiny bit but it's not really bright like it would be in the light.

Now for the other side, same rules apply.

This time I left a much brighter whiter shine in line with the light source that was highlighting her face and clothes.

To add further depth to the hair I used Warm Grey 7 to the areas that would be darker before going over them with the dark red to blend.

Here she is all ready - skin and hair looking fab.......well I like to think so!

Hope that helps or at least gives an insight to my way of colouring! 

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments re my colouring. So many of you have left such lovely compliments regarding my colouring that I wanted to share how I do it.

Take care Zo xx


Elizabeth said...

Hi Zo, you've certainly cracked this colouring lark ... I still struggle with it and usually don't feel really happy with my efforts.

Saw your comment on my blog and thought you'd read my mind. I did a count of the cards I have in stock so to speak - 57! So I've decided to concentrate on making gifts over the weeks leading up to Christmas and it occurred to me that tags would make a nice change too.

There's some nice examples of what we could be making that is 'anything but a card' on the Christmas Stampin' All Year Long challenge site - here's the link:

Look forward to seeing what projects you make.

Elizabeth xx

Hwee said...

Thanks for sharing your tutorial. It's very useful to know how to create different tonal shades with markers -- that part always baffles me. Not anymore! :-)

Catching up from WOYWW,
Hwee #12

Li'l Pidge said...

Ooh, lovely clear instructions-you have this colouring bang on.

Thanks for visiting my desk on WOYWW

kyla #55

Teresa said...

Brilliant tutorial Zoe, it looks great, hope you have a good weekend.
Hugs Teresa xx

Di said...

Hi Zo, been reading back through your blog and I do so agree with Elizabeth. Your colouring is brilliant!!

Hope you didn't kill anyone during the carpet laying :)

Di xx

Emma said...

Fabulous tutorial, you've definitely taught me a thing or two and your colouring is absolutely stunning. You're a very clever lady and should be proud of yourself... :)
Sorry for being such a bad blogger lately, it's been a tough couple of months but trying to slowly get back to being a better blogging buddy from now on...fingers crossed!!!
Love and hugs Emma xx

emma mitchell said...

Hi Zoe fabulous tutorial , I love your colouring and this hair colour is so funky .
Hugs Emma xx