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The wonderful world of Zoe is what I hope to share with you all here on my blog. Life isn't always easy, but then that's the case whoever you are. But no matter what each day brings I always try to start and end it with a smile - to look back and know I controlled my day, the day didn't control me!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Some Advice if I may ask

Hello everyone.

Thought I'd just ask your advice. I'm thinking of giving away some blog candy (perhaps when I get to 100 followers) but have never done anything like it before so was wondering what is the best way of going about it?

I've had a bit of a clear out, and I've some cds & bits' and bobs that I would like to offer as candy. But I want to make sure it's all fair etc.

Just thought it might be a good way of getting myself some more followers too!

I also thought I'd share with you a Pop Art style picture I painted of my son, Keagan.  I chose blues as it fits with our colour scheme in our back room.  It was fun to do and I've been told by many friends and family it's so like him it's spooky! Lol  Definitely one to treasure.

Thankfully Keagan likes it and doesn't mind having it on display. His friends think it's cool!

Take care Zo x


coops said...

brillaint painting zoe.looks fab in the blue colours ;D
can`t help with the candy as i have never done any, lol ;D

xx coops xx

Renkata said...

Very beautiful painting Zoe.
About the Candy: You can do it like a post with some rules, like post the candy on sidebar, be a follower and then set a date till.
After that you can use random winner if you like that.
Hope that's help.

Teresa said...

Brilliant painting Zoe. xx

Jan said...

Beautiful art! Blogging buddies love blog candy :)