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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Me & My Rovers Writing.

Good afternoon everyone, well what a wonderful day of weird weather we're having! One minute beautifully sunny, the next absolutely chucking it down to the point of the main road outside being flooded with rivers of runaway water!

Right, since I started this blog I've only ever talked about my crafting. So I decided it was about time that you saw the other side of me, and my life as a writer of articles for the official award-winning Bristol Rovers match-day programme.  The Pirate.

A couple of seasons ago, I was honoured to be invited to write for the programme. For me, it was the combination of two things that I love - Bristol Rovers (obviously) and writing.  I jumped at the chance and set to work on a provisional article to be submitted to the editor, Keith Brookman.  I knew straight away that I wanted to put across a different view, to show what it's like to support a team despite living out in the countryside, not even in the outskirts of Bristol.  Thankfully Keith loved my idea and 'Rural Rovers' was born.

The 'Rural Rovers' articles give me chance not only to flex my creative writing, but also to tell Gasheads about the Norton Radstock Gas Supporters branch that we have running in our area.

Here's some pictures of the articles I wrote last season;

The pictures show two articles at a time, easier to photograph like that, as you can see I get an whole page to myself!

The last one also shows, on the left hand side, the commercial page as at the bottom is a picture of us girls; my friend, Sue was the programme sponsor for the Brentford match and we had our picture taken with Man of the Match, Will Hoskins. I'm the short one on the right!
To mark Sue's very special birthday I included our celebration in my article, which was in the programme that day, 'A Change of View'.  Sue had quite a surprise to find herself talked about throughout the pages.  She loved me really for telling the world she was 50. LOL

I think my favourite article was 'Under The Dome', as I wrote about football and books (another passion mine - reading), using book titles to tell the story of a football season.  It was in the Oldham Athletic programme.  Quite a few Gasheads I know either told me or sent me messages telling me how much they enjoyed this article.  It's great knowing that people are not only reading my work, but enjoying it too. It's also a great buzz to see my words in print, published for others to read.

I'm looking forward to writing 'Rural Rovers' again this season, though I'm hoping that the football on the pitch as well as the results are a whole lot more positive than last season, when unfortunately we were relegated. Who knows how the new season will start?  But start it will, on Saturday August 6th, so keep and eye out for my thoughts as I endure the thrills and spills of a football season in league 2 (ouch - saying that still hurts.).
Take care Zo x

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