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Monday, 4 July 2016

Monday Magic - Flowers in your hair.

Good morning!

So this week I'm going to highlight some of our fabulous products over on Creative Together
I've deliberately not flooded my social media recently with constant links and photos from our shop. Too much oftens means people scroll by. 

But this week I hope everyone will stop and have a look.

So I'm starting with Lisa's stunning hair combs - these can be worn for many occasions and will suit most hair styles.

The beauty with these are that if you look after them they can be worn over and over again. Weddings. Christenings. Special occasions. Or if you just fancy having pretty hair for the day!

First up is the beautiful purple Phalaenopsis Orchid.

Then there's the stunning lilac and white marble Rose.

We also have this fabulous royal blue Rose

Finally there's the pretty ivory Phalaenopsis Orchid.

I'm sure you'll all agree these are stunning. Lisa uses professional quality artificial flowers & accents when creating these and they are all finished to a high standard.

At Creative Together both myself and Lisa are happy to discuss any requirements you may have. Please feel free to get in touch with us any time.

Take care Zo

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