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The wonderful world of Zoe is what I hope to share with you all here on my blog. Life isn't always easy, but then that's the case whoever you are. But no matter what each day brings I always try to start and end it with a smile - to look back and know I controlled my day, the day didn't control me!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Good morning happy people!

Well I hope you all are despite the sun disappearing and being replaced by wet stuff. Ah well the socks are back on and the Fitflops are pushed aside once more, shame cos I got a pretty turquoise colour on my toes!!

Right desk, go to Julia's Stamping Ground get the idea and take part!

My desk - 

Right side is pretty standard, no new additions there.

So the window side, well it's colouring, I printed off (naughty as I have a huge folder full of printed images!) some of my favourite characters and for some I printed them pretty big. I saw Alyce from Kit and Clowder do a large A4 colouring and the detail she got was amazing, but then all her work is amazing so I thought I'm going to try and take my colouring to the next level. So big is the way to go, to get that detail perfected before I shrink them again!

That's me, sorry for lack of posts, I have been busy making lots of DT projects that I can't share just yet, but will do so when I'm able.

Take care Zo xx


Lynn Holland said...

I've put my nice summery clothes back on the hanger from yesterday and got my socks and sweater back out. Looks like I need my brolly too.
Enjoy your crafting.
Lynn 54 x

Julia Dunnit said...

Not bothered about lack of posts as long as you're well! I see you on FB so I kinda know when to worry! Going large is a great idea..your colouring skills are amazing anyway, these won't challenge you. And the hours will pass...!

Helen said...

Glad you're coming to the crop - will be good to catch up again. You'll certainly have plenty of colouring to bring... wonder what I will pack!! Helen, 5

Karen said...

Love those images! We all print more when we already have some. Typical crafters! Happy WOYWW! Karen 68 x

Twiglet said...

Yes here I am with my vesty back on and might even have to put socks on again!! x Jo

Candace said...

ges. Its not raining here but it has gone very grey and cold.

Great work space, thanks for sharing.

Have a great week and happy crafting

Candace #62

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Socks back out here too. Boo hoo! Your colouring, or what I've seen of it on previous posts, looks pretty awesome already xx

Fiona #77

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Do you know, Zo, colouring in is the one thing I really envy about you paper crafters...I adore it and hardly ever get to do it these days! You are an expert at it, I think!
I must send you a picture of a hanging bin by's not yellow but has got bling around the top. If its not right, then I have plenty of fabric to make a yellow one for you, no probs!
Hugs, LLJ 33 xx

Red Kitty said...

Ooooh cant wait to see how those bigger images turn out. Adore your colouring hun.
Desk looks fabaroonie as always. xxxx

Anonymous said...

My feet are always cold :) And I'm totally with you - I just love colouring in. Copics are great, but I miss crayons, now the kids have well and truly outgrown them. Shame, that.

Ah well.....

See you soon :)

Happy WOYWW!
MA (20)

Hettie said...

I dug out a pile of summery clothes the other night and hung them over the glad I didn't bother to iron them quite yet, though we have had blue sky today despite my phone telling me it is raining!
Great idea to make larger colouring in, if only to while away a few hours.
See ya in 3.5 weeks! Gosh that has come round quick!

Hettie said...

PS Would you like a Boo? I cut it on my Silhouette and willing to do you another but you can ink it to whatever colour/finish you want!

Ria Gall said...

Hi Zoe
wow you have done a lot of printing but you have picked some great images and I like the idea of colouring on the larger scale, might have to try that
Thanks for sharing your desk today, Happy WOYWW hope you have a great week
Ria #42

fairy thoughts said...

The lovely thing about colouring I find is it is so relaxing, yours is certainly big but the images are great. Have a good week
Janet @32

lisa said...

Do you think that was Summer, Zoe!! I hope not.
You look as though you have plenty of colouring to do there.
Hugs Lisax #125

okienurse said...

great looking desk! I have yet to challenge myself to work with the Spectrum Noirs. I have 72 Ciao Copics, 168 Spectrum Noir, the set from Tim Holtz, and the set from Stampin'UP! and I haven't learned to color yet...guess I was expecting the darn things to teach me or do it themselves. Any tips or hints? Thanks for visiting my desk earlier. Hope you have a great week. Vickie #36

Lynette Batton said...

My favorite stamps, Some Odd Girl and Saturated Canary! Can't wait to see the A4 coloring.

Laura (Bookworm) said...

What cute images you have ready for coloring! I like the girl with the glasses. I am "collecting" Copics one at a time, since I don't do a lot of coloring and they're pricey. It's raining here, too, today (upstate NY) after a stretch of absolutely glorious weather, so I can't complain too much! Happy WOYWW! ~ Laura #106

Maxam Made said...

Nice pen collection and images to play with!Thanks for sharing!Have a great week! Ginny #120

dottielottie said...

I love Saturated canary images, I voted for Turtle on FB she's gorgeous, especially enlarged lol. I really neeed to get the pen storage system for my Noir's it looks great sat on your desk.
Happy art making
Hugs Lottie#131

Elizabeth said...

Wow, Zoe, going large - that's scary. Or, rather, it is for me, but probably not at all for you. You've got the colouring skills and the images will look amazing at A4 size. Look forward to seeing the results and those DT projects you're keeping under wraps :) Hope you are keeping well. Elizabeth x #53

My name is Cindy said...

Looks like you'll be busy with that lot!! I am still laughing because even at that size I didn't see the turtle in her hand and wondered why she was sitting next to a 'grave' - oops!! Must be time for bed! Cindy x


G'day Zoe
I usually don't get around for WOYWW till Friday as when Julia posts the link I am at work in the evening here in Oz. My day off isn't till Friday then but I'm home sick all this week so here I am just one day late(I couldn't type yesterday due to sore hands and why I am home!!). WOW you have so many markers...I think I have 6 copics and thats it though I would like more. Love the images you are going to colour.
Annette In Oz #39

Daniella said...

I would have loved to see your tourquoise toes!!
I love your beautiful organization of markers!! Makes me want to color!!
I hope Baxter is doing great! Spikey is here 10 days already and it feels like he has been here forever!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful collection of markers! I envy you! Nice workspace
Gabriele #112

Alison Wade said...

Happy Very Belated WOYWW. I am not confident enough yet to go large with my colouring. I am sticking to small cards and ATCs at the moment! Ali x #25

Kyla said...

ooh, look forward to seeing the DT makes. Hope Baxter has settled in.

Looking forward to catching up on 1st at the WOYWW crop


Cardarian said...

I think coloring big pictures would be quite a challenge but of course I am not really good at coloring! Thank you for stoping by, I am a bit late! Catching up now - hope to see you at the crop!
Lots of hugs,