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The wonderful world of Zoe is what I hope to share with you all here on my blog. Life isn't always easy, but then that's the case whoever you are. But no matter what each day brings I always try to start and end it with a smile - to look back and know I controlled my day, the day didn't control me!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Fashion museum & Princess Diana's Dresses

Back in July 2010, me and my fab friend Debs (Deb's Pen Pot) went into Bath and visited the Fashion Museum. Our reason was clear, an exhibition of Princess Diana's dresses were on show and neither of us wanted to miss out on that opportunity plus it was a chance for Debs to do some research for her writing.  Both of us love clothes, shoes, bags ....yep normal girls. So off we went. Many areas we were unable to take photos due to the protected nature of the exhibits including the Diana dresses, but other areas were ok and I took a few pics of things that interested me including a picture of a black dress Queen Victoria wore. Wow! I mean really. I'll get to the point, these photos have remained on my puter for 2 years, I've looked at them but they aren't the type of picture I'd print off for an album until now, until Smash* came along!

I recently bought the lush papers and journal cards and die cuts of the Happy Days range from Papermania. The ones with tape measures, mannequins/dress forms etc and so I thought they'd work well with my photos, I also remembered some embellishments I'd purchased........take a look and see - 

At the top you'll see a piece of black lace I had in my stash, I thought it went well with the photo of the black dress worn by Queen Victoria.  I was amazed by this dress, she obviously wasn't that tall, but the dress was a lot wider than I'd imagined her to be. 

Here you'll see the see-through pocket in which I've put the postcards I bought, showing some of Diana's dresses on display. It was a strange experience seeing Diana's dresses and remembering seeing her wear some them on the TV etc. I found it had an effect me, not quite full on emotional but it made me reflective, it definitely sent shivers up my spine at times.

The rest are photos of displays that I liked for whatever reason.  I've added lots of embellishments, lace and washi tape and some flowers too. It felt right to heavily decorate these pages.

Look what arrived today - 

My first actual Amy Tangerine products - ribbons.  I've got an Amy Tangerine digi-kit which I love, but these are my first 'real' Amy Tangerine goodies to play with. These ribbons will be kept for special projects and my smash pages. Aren't they 'Gert Lush' as we'd say here in Somerset!

So there you go another little sneak into my world. Thanks for all the comments recently, they've meant a lot, I know I haven't been able to pop by all of your blog's in return, I hope you forgive me for that. I am feeling better, but that just means I have to start catching up with what's been not done over the last weeks, months, years....ha ha not quite, but you get the idea.  Seriously though I am doing okay, taking each day steady and just doing a little at a time.  Sometimes it's the most boring of things like filing away bills, but I do feel like I've achieved something at the end whereas before they were just stashed away. 

Take care Zo xx


Caroline said...

Fabulous page love the layout's. The ribbons are lush. Csroline xxx

emma mitchell said...

Oh wow Zoe stunning pages , love these fab embellishments.
Hugs Emma xx

Vicky said...

They are all fabulous Zoe..!

big hugs Vicky xx

Deb's Pen Pot said...

Was it really 2 years ago?! Doesn't time fly... Fab LOs hon, making the most of the memories xxx

Angie Delarie said...

Check out my blog hun!
xxoo Angie Delarie