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The wonderful world of Zoe is what I hope to share with you all here on my blog. Life isn't always easy, but then that's the case whoever you are. But no matter what each day brings I always try to start and end it with a smile - to look back and know I controlled my day, the day didn't control me!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Morning - well it is just. I had a lie in! 

So my photos are quick and flash assisted as it's grey and damp here this morning. But still warm-ish. Right I'll get on, as always go over to Julia's and join in, link up or just plain old nose your way around the world of desks.

Here's mine - 

Ok right side, the fan is now off the desk but still there, cos it does get warm in here! There is a huge pile of pens waiting to be put away as I've finished with them for now.

Window side, Project Life album out as I've created some pages but need to do the journalling.

Those green disc things - people keep asking what they are. They are Epiphany tools. Punches that also can make Epoxy type shaped embellishments.

A Baxter page! Some journalling done but I need to embellish.

I need to journal and embellish this page.

Right I'll finish off with a new photo of me and my boy, Keagan. It was taken on Sunday. It was my parent's 40th Wedding anniversary and we all went out for Sunday lunch, but beforehand we had a family photo session!

Take care, I'll be back and visiting over the next few days.
Zo xx


Elizabeth said...

Hi Zo, hope the lie-in did you good. You are making great progress with your PL album - I've adopted the process of getting the photos in leaving the journaling for later. Isn't Keagan getting tall, you must be so proud of him. Have a leisurely and restful day, Elizabeth x #61

Cards by Alison said...

Hi Zo loving your desk and the photo of your so and you. Hope you manage to have a restful day. Love Alison xx

Cardarian said...

Oh what a lovely post - so much to see on your desk! And I saw the photo of you and your boy on facebook! Very nice!
Have a lovely day!

Daniella said...

Always lovely looking at your desk!! I have one of those Epiphany punches too. Super cool!! And your Baxter page is awesome and you and your son look so happy!!!

Lynda Norton said...

Lovely desk, looking like the fan will be back on soon though:( humidity threatening to return it seems - think I prefer the cooler days/nights.

Love your Baxter pics, he reminds me of a dog I walk for a lady - dog is called Poppy and she is 17 this year.

Nice pic of you and your boy.

Lynda #89

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That's such a fab pic of Keagan and you!! Glad you had a great time at the party, the FB pics were fab!
Nice to have a mooch around your must be the week for pulling back and seeing everyone's working environments! You have a clean, bright workspace, love it!
Hugs, LLJ 60 xx

Shaz Brooks said...

Great pics, the Project Life is coming along beautifully. Gorgeous pic of you & your son. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #45 xx

Jackie said...

I really like what you're doing with your project life folder
I wasn't surprised when I saw the photos of Baxter!!!!
Well done and keep up the good work doing your project life folder you have just made me feel a bit guilty I need to be doing mine as well
Jackie 30 scrap bang wallop

Helen said...

crumbs he's tall - I know you are quite short (there's no polite way to say it!) but from your blog header pic, it looks like he's shot up recently! Love the desk - very tidy - and the Baxter pages. Thanks for sharing my stash envy earlier!! Helen 21

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo. It's always a surprise when they tower over you, isn't it? Or it was for ME, as I am tall - poor DS complained all his friends passed their moms in college/6th form and it too him till the very end to pass me in height. Will you scrap that photo? It'll be a great page, I'm sure.

Happy (so late) WOYWW!
Mary Anne (37)

fairy thoughts said...

My but that young man has grown .... what are you feeding him on? hehe.
you must have had fun with all those pens
have a good week
janet #44

Darnell J Knauss said...

That's a tall boy your Keagan is, Zo, and good looking, too!! Thank you for the lovely look-around at all your yummy stuff. I have one of the Epiphany thingies but never use it. Maybe I'll find a new place for it when I do my sort so I can remember it's there!! Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week! Thanks for the visit to me! Darnell #19

Alison Wade said...

Happy WOYWW. I really must get some of my photos into pages. What a tall son you have now! Ali x #56

Hettie said...

Great photos of you and Keagan there Zoe. You are looking well and hope you are feeling well too.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Great picture of you and your boy. I think mine will be towering over me soon too! Great to see some of your PL pages xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I just learned about PL recently, and now I'm seeing it on many desks. Those are odd looking punches. I'm going to have to investigate those. Happy WOYWW from #1.

April Story said...

Your son is very handsome. I'm so jealous - I keep saying I am going to work on my project life and I keep putting it off.
April #120

okienurse said...

love the pic of Keagan and you! I have several friends interested in the project life book and have started to it but I am still straddling the fence. I don't do scrapping much at all. Do you like those Epipany embellie makers? Saw it at the convention but didn't buy one. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my desk and commenting today. Vickie #137

Roberta B said...

Hello, really like what you're doing with your project life folder. And I have to say I was in awww when I saw all those makers :-) one day. Any way thanks for sharing and have a great day. Roberta 55

My name is Cindy said...

A lie in - oh, if only...... Love the piccie, I'm sure the last picture I saw Keagan wasn't quite so tall!! I didn't realise the project life thing came as pages with pockets (or was I just not paying attention?), that really is an interesting idea. Good to see how you are getting on with it. Late finishing off today as got distracted yesterday afternoon!! Cindy

cyndee starr said...

I've noticed something we all have in common, we all set looking out a window. Thanks for sharing your space with us this week.

Kate said...

I like the picture you've coloured on the wall above your desk.

I'm thinking about project life to document the children's dancing pictures, just haven't taken the plunge yet!