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The wonderful world of Zoe is what I hope to share with you all here on my blog. Life isn't always easy, but then that's the case whoever you are. But no matter what each day brings I always try to start and end it with a smile - to look back and know I controlled my day, the day didn't control me!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Hope you're all having a lovely Saturday?

I'm sat listening to football commentary on the radio - a Saturday afternoon without football doesn't feel right to me. Anyway a while ago I came across this picture on a blog I follow -

So I followed the link to and came across a wonderful idea of recording notes, ideas and observations prompted by.......well prompts!

I've been meaning to join in but never had the time until today so I made sure I sat down and wrote -

So FOR TODAY April 7th 2012 here are my entries to the Day book -

Outside my window...  of my craft room is the main road, but it's quiet. I'm in a rural town so our main roads aren't that busy.  Beyond the houses on the other side of the road, I can see the trees and fields that stretch out towards the Mendip Hills.  It's grey and raining.

I am thinking...of the Easter eggs I have to give tomorrow and wondering if I can get away with opening my chocolate today!

I am thankful...for all of the family and friends that I have who spend so much time helping me each and every day  so that I can live in a lovely home and get through each day.

In the kitchen...are my Easter eggs! I do love chocolate.

I am wearing...a typical Zoe outfit of boots and jeans, with a vest top and cardi. 

I am Altered book at the moment, something I never thought I'd be able to do, typing this I'm waiting for the pages to dry that I have glued together.

I am enjoy my peaceful afternoon, my boy is at my parents, so I'm listening to the football commentaries and generally just resting as I have been busy of late.

I am wondering.....if the right football teams will win and the results go as I hope!

I am reading...well I'm about to start reading 'Killing Me Softly' by Nicci French.  My good friend Debs has lent it to me so I will start it later.

I am hoping...I haven't forgot to buy Easters eggs for those I should have bought for!

I am looking forward to...seeing my nieces on Monday and also hopefully seeing my life long friend and her children as well.

I am learning each day to accept me for who I am - and that while my conditions do have a huge impact on my life, it's down to me to make the most of each day and not waste a single second dwelling negatively on it all.

Around the house...I have huge ideas about how I want my rooms to look! Little by little it will be done, all with my supervision of course! I have an idea to create a room that's teenage friendly but also somewhere I can enjoy too, I think the union jack themes are fab and funky so I'm collecting red (though not too much red!), white and blue bits and bobs. My altered book is in those colours so it will be a decorative piece for that room. I may create canvases to go in there as well.

I am pondering...whether to have another cup of tea or whether to treat myself to a hot chocolate instead.

A favorite quote for 'when all around you lose their heads, make sure you keep yours!' I heard it on the radio, it was in relation to football but I liked it for everyday.

One of my favorite things...has to be when I'm tucked up in bed, the TV on with recorded Craft programmes playing and I'm all cosy and I can sit and create Zentangles and get totally lost in creativity.

A few plans for the rest of the week - it will be a quiet week really, just spending time with my boy as it's the school holidays, catching up with friends and crafting. Oh there might be a football match to go to if I'm lucky!

A peek into my day.....I'm an early riser, it hurts too much to stay in bed for too long.  My days are pretty boring in comparison to some but, for me, they are what needs to happen in order for me to be able to walk so my days involve lots of rest, crafting and reading essentially.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me and what life's like here in the wonderful world of Zoe.  I enjoyed thinking about these prompts and writing my responses, some came easy while others I had to think about a bit more.

Take care Zo xx


sandee said...

I'm working on my AB too, also waiting for one of my spreads to dry and hoping I don't mess up anything...I've messed up more pages than I care to admit...but it's my first book so I'm not too stressed about it. After reading your post, I am hoping you snuck a chocolate snack in! waving hi from the sunny hills of North Carolina and wishing you a Happy Easter :)

Dee's Craft Room said...

Happy Easter Sunday Zoe

I love your new 'diary', I can see the temptation to sit and record my thoughts. When I first set my blog up I read on another blog that blogging is addictive but I thought it was unlikely. However, it is, isn't it?

I am so envious of you, two Easter Eggs. I am diabetic and no longer allowed chocolate - but I do miss it. I should not complain because I did my best to eat all of the chocolate in the world in the past and am now paying for my greed!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and keep on blogging.

Dionner x

Neesie said...

I found you Zo!
It was lovely to read into your day. It gives such an insight into the persons life.
I adore chocolate so I knew we'd be friends when I read that.
I often have difficulty with some of these prompts but it does make you stop in the moment and really think about the 'now'.
I'm normally like a headless chicken so it puts the breaks on ~ if only for a few minutes or so.
I hope you continue to write the journal and enjoy it. I did ;D
Have a great week. Hugs Neesie